Pinto Art Museum

by - February 21, 2015

I mentioned in my year ender post last December 2014 that one of the things I was happy that I got to do all throughout the year was do a lot of artsy related things and among that was go on museum trips. :) I can't thank my best friends enough for the never ending interest of going with me on these kinds of adventure. :) Beginning of February 2015, the first thing we did was go on another museum trip and this time it was at one of the most beautiful and stunning one here in Manila-- The Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo. :)

It's kinda tricky when you look at it from the outside; it looks small. But wait till you get inside!:)

We were actually very lucky on the day that we went here. There was an event, so we need not to pay the entrance fee, which is Php 150 for regular ticket, Php 120 for Senior Citizens and PWD with valid IDs and Php 75 for children and students with proper school IDs. :) I was already ready with my ID, but didn't need it after all. Yey! ^_^

The museum for me is for all kinds of art lovers; whether you like the eccentric, mysterious, dark or colorful ones, they practically have it all. :) I also can't help but fall in love with their all white structures. Everything is so minimalist that your focus would be just on the environment and art. :) So peaceful too!

 I can stay here forever. It's the ideal place to waste your time and I wouldn't mind one bit. :) They have a cafe within the museum, so staying here till closing time wouldn't be a bore. :)

The artworks are located in different areas and some you have to change buildings to see. But I'm sure with the beautiful view, you wouldn't mind walking! You just might find yourself taking a few pictures before getting to the next location. ;)

Like I said, different art, different location. :) But this is one of my favorite areas!

The cool kids! hahaha!=P

I had second thoughts about wearing a dress to a day of adventure. But turns out this dress and the color was just perfect for the minimalist look of Pinto Art Museum. :) Don't you, think?

Pinto also has a lot of romantic spots that you can take pictures at. Very picturesque and if I have a church wedding someday, I'd really like my prenuptial shoot to be done here. :) I love it! Especially this quaint building above. :)

Has this place got you captivated yet? :) If you haven't been here, you should really put it on your Bucket List!:) It's a must! I suggest though, you go here early, because my friends and I got here at around 4:00 PM and they close at 5PM. We weren't able to see this one part of Pinto, but we did see the majority. :)

We were also lucky to witness the opening of this exhibit on the day we went. Amazing!:) It was truly the right day to go!:)

We had an amazing time at Pinto and if given the chance, I really want to go back again. :) It's one of the best museums in the Philippines. Glad to have it checked on my Bucket List!

Pinto Art Museum is open from Tuesdays-Sundays, 9AM-5PM.

You can also visit their Facebook page for more information. :)


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  1. I wish we had museum like this in my hometown...

    "The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls."-Pablo Picasso

    If we had museums like this in Zamboanga, I'd make an effort to go visit and snap photos and just "get lost" in it all...

  2. I just love Pinto Art Museum :) I love art lots and the place is so serene

  3. sooo niceeee! been wanting to check this out for a long time already pero scared might get lost looking for it in antipolo. will ask you for directions when i see you! remind me. hahaha

  4. It is weird of me that I haven't visited this place, though I live nearby. I should drop by this museum one of these days. :)

  5. OMG! Ang ganda pala ng Pinto!! :) Huhuhu.. I so wanna got there too kaso ang layoooo :(

    P.S. Love your photos babe! :)


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