Back to the old days

by - February 21, 2015

I remember back when I was a kid, I was such a TV addict (Now, I'm a social media addict.. lol!). I'd watch it as soon as I woke up, when I came home from school and I'd even stay up on weekends and fall asleep on the chair, just watching. I guess that and reading books contributed a lot to my poor eye sight haha!:)

But I don't regret being so hooked on them, because I grew up with some of the best 90s TV shows and I'm sad that they no longer have airtime on Nickelodeon or Disney Channel. I miss them! Luckily though, I discovered that Youtube can be your best friend when it comes to really old shows!

There are plenty of TV shows that I love back then. But I have two favorites that I also watch on Youtube. You can say that I've done some serious series marathoning there. :) Can you guess which ones I watch a lot?

The first one is The Twilight Zone. My husband introduced me to it after I gave birth to my first son Athan. During the nights when Athan would be so wide awake, we'd watch it. We stopped after sometime and recently, I went back to watching them again. It has two versions, the 1959 of Rod Sterling and the 2002 with Forest Whitaker. I love the 1959-1964 more. :)

My favorite episodes from both are: 

The Silence | Dream Lover | Queen of the Nile | The Once and Future King | Her Pilgrim Soul | Night Route | The After Hours | The Misfortune Cookie 

and a few more that I can't remember at the moment. >_< You can easily find the modern ones here: and as for the 1959, just type in The Twilight Zone on the search bar and you'll see the Black and White episodes. :)

The other series that I love is from the 90s and it's none other than, ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK? :) I'm the kind the easily gets scared of spooked out, but I enjoy a good scare once in awhile. My favorite is Are You Afraid of the Dark cos it's subtle. Something that would give me goosebumps, but I can still manage to sleep! haha!:)

My favorite episodes are:

The Prom Queen | The Doll Maker | The Secret Admirer | Locker 22 | The Lonely Ghost | The Dream Girl |  

How about you, guys? What's your favorite TV shows as a kid? :)

Top: American Eagle
Shorts: Plains & Prints
Necklace: Simone's Closet
Bag: Baggu
Shoes: CMG- SM Shoes and Bags

Oh and about this outfit, I wore it to our Chinese New Year celebration. :) The main highlight is obviously the necklace. Show stopper!:) It's from and they have a nice collection lined up, so do check them out!:)

Have a great weekend, folks!


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