Keds x The Block Party!

by - March 31, 2015

This blog isn't named 'Artsy Fartsy Ava' for nothing. I may not be able to post art related stuff here everyday or even twice in a month - guilty as charged, cos I post more often on Instagram. But I really do feel ecstatic when I get to attend artsy events. It's my favorite kind!:) 

I remember back in December 2011 when I got to attend my very first KEDS styling -READ HERE- event by BBM. I had so much fun back then with my blogger friends Ana and Melai. :) Fast forward to now, it's already my second time! I got excited when I received the email and thankfully I chose the Sunday slot, because had it been a Saturday, I wouldn't have made it due to my foot sprain. :(( Luckily, Sunday, I was already capable of walking slowly. 

This year, the KEDS DIY activity was held at the Block Party at Makiling Park. :)

Do you want to see how I designed my pair of classic KEDS this time around? :)

The Makiling Park was the perfect place to hold the event. The place was packed with food booths, kids biking, playing and so many artsy booths! Ahhhh! My kind of park; filled with ART!

Found these super cute Storm Trooper magnets and I wanted to take all of them home! One day, when we have out own house, i'll fill up the facade of your refrigerator with these!

But of course, the main highlight of my time at the Block Party was the KEDS styling. :)

M pair :)

With my fellow artsy bloggers Mel and Vina :)

Like last time, we were given a nice, immaculately white pair of Keds and this just makes me wanna dive in more and start painting! It needs COLOR!! Haha! >_< I'm kinda a color maniac. =P

I started out with a subtle design of colorful banderitas around the ankle part of my sneakers and highlighted some parts with pastel purple and pink. :)

But I tend to go overboard with my design sometimes and I ended up with this! ^_^ I really can't wait to wear this! I'm just waiting for my sprain to fully heal and when I can walk straight again, i'll definitely take my artsy pair out for a spin!:)

Thank you so much again, Keds Philippines for having me over! I had a really great time styling my Keds!:) Happy Weekend for me!

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  1. Oh looks fun.. I don't know how I would paint my Keds, but you always create amazing designs :) Too bad I missed it. Fun and chill event lang ;)

  2. I saw this Keds Event with some bloggers on IG. Looks like sayang but it's fun! Nice kasi you can paint it with all your ideas and all! :)


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