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by - April 02, 2015

Made this kind of list so many times already and I'm happy to say that even if I don't get everything I want in my list on the same year, destiny has its ways of giving some of them to me, whether it be months or years from now. I realized this when I reflected back on my old birthday wish lists. So cool that they still have a way of coming back to me even if my birthday is over. :) But what tugs my heart strings the most is the people who really take the time to greet me on my special day. Nothing beats that! That alone makes me happy. :)

 Though, making a wish list every year has been a tradition of mine, so here it goes!:)

1. Cute phone cases

I have a collection of phone cases and ever since I got an iPhone 5s as a gift for Christmas a year ago, I got hooked in the super cute cases the keep coming out from different shops. :) In particular, I love the ICE CREAM, INFINITY LOVE and BOHO design from Bershka and CACTUS Phone case from H&M. :) I'm still on the lookout for the Cactus one since  H&M Philippines doesn't have them yet. Hoping they'll have it soon! ^_^

2. Alice in Wonderland Instax Film

I love Alice in Wonderland and when they came out with this film, I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. :) The prints are super cute!

3. Funko Pop Toys

These super adorable Funko Pop Toys are also on my list! I originally had six in mind, but the Hubby got me an advance birthday gift last month, so I had to take La Muerte from The Book of Life off my list! Yey!! ^_^ Happy me! So far, I wanna get Princess Bubblegum and Mrs. Potts and Chip next!

4. Bonehead comb & brush

Found this super cool comb & brush at Hobbes & Landes, Greenbelt last month and I couldn't stop looking at it. It's seriously THE coolest! :) I remember when I was still 13 years old, I wanted to be an Archaeologist so bad. This comb would have been so perfect! Reason why, it's on my list!

5. Nike AirMax

Being a sneaker head lately and I've got the Nike AirMax on my mind! I only own one Nike trainers right now and I really want another pair. Crazy about these two pairs the most!:) Aren't they pretty?? Love love love!!

6. Typo 

Typo is just heaven for me! I can live in that shop forever! I especially love these items. :) Can't enough of the DREAMER STENCILS, PINEAPPLE POUCH, FLAMINGO PEN and PINEAPPLE STICKERS. :) How can they not be on my wish list?? Too cute! Any item from this would be great!

7. Super cute birthday cards

Since this generation is all about Facebook greetings, I think a super cute birthday card is one of the things that I would really love to get on my birthday. :)

8.  White Mandals

Normcore may be slowly subsiding, but normcore will never be out for me. I am too laid back! I have my eye on this cute pair of white mandals with straps on my list! :) I have my eye on an SM Parisian pair too! ;)

9.  Gold Watch

A gold watch is a must- have fashion item. It's classic and you can wear it with ANYTHING! :) I covet this one from Michael Kors. I love the big dial and color! :) But any real nice gold watch will do too. :)

10. Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bag

Since last year, this bag has been in my dreams! It's quite pricey but it's perfect for casual or formal days and such a classic bag. :) I'd love to have even just the mini version of this in rose or nude!:) Dream bag!

 And that ends my wish list for now. :) I can't believe I'm turning 26 in just 19 days!--> For those asking, it's APRIL 21. :) Whew! :)) Good luck to that! I hope I take it gracefully! haha!

Have a good Holy Week, everyone! Don't forget to pray and reflect!

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  1. I want an airmax and a TYPO item, too! :)
    If you don't mind me asking, when is your birthday? :D

  2. These are great bday wishlist, i love Nike airmax so much but i don't have enough budget huhu! Anyway, im sorry for commenting out of the blue, im Sarah btw, nice to meet you :))

  3. Wait langgg, there's Alice in Wonderland instax film!??! So nice!!! Hope you get all these and more this month, Ava! :)

    Reg of

  4. I looove your birthday wish list!! I loove the Masur Gavriel bucket bag rin talaga. as iiiinnn.. :) and oh.. ang cucute nga talaga ng iphone cases mo. hihihi :D


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