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by - March 17, 2015

Ever since I registered myself for a GCash AmEx Virtual Pay, I have found online shopping on US sites to be so convenient. I started using it last November 2012 and till now I'm one of their loyal customers. I just love how easy it is to use - you load up your GCash wallet with either your load or you put cash in it by going to any Globe Telecom store and once you have your funds in your GCash wallet, you can start shopping!:)

I won't go on any further about how the GCash AmEx works, because I've blogged about it twice already and i'll leave those links below for your perusal, just incase you're curious about it. ;)

Now though, I'm excited to share that my packages from My Shopping Box has arrived!!!:) Yey!

But what I really want to review here is the service of My Shopping Box. :)

I've been using My Shipping Box for as long as I've been using GCash AmEx Virtual Pay, because their service is actually tied up. When you register for a My Shopping Box account, they will provide you with a US address and from there you can make the international online shops ship it to your US address. It will be much cheaper than getting it shipped directly here in the Philippines and most of all, you need not worry about the customs harassing you! >_<; Ack! Hate that part a lot, don't you?!

So, a fews month back; November 2014 to be exact. I ordered two items from Nordstrom during the last Black Friday Sale and it was directly sent to My Shopping Box US address. I usually get informed on my email if my package has arrived there. After that, I go to my account and 'Authorize Shipment' to my Philippine address. 

There are two modes of shipment- via Air and via Sea freight. If you choose Air, your package will arrive within 10 days. But if you choose via Sea, you'll get it in 40-60 days. I guess you're wondering why choose the latter when it will arrive 2 months after purchase. Well, first off, you are charged per pound ( Air: 1 Pound- $5.99 | Sea: 1 Pound- $2.00+) and if your package is quite heavy, it can cost you a lot of money and Sea freight is usually the best option for that scenario. But if you have a very lightweight package, then Air would be just fine. :)

In my case, for the first package I had to go for Sea Freight since it was around 3 lbs and I exceeded the allotted 15 days FREE storage, I had to pay a little extra. I didn't want to pay so much. 

I was able to track if my package departed the US already through My Shopping Box account as well and the cautious person that I am, really counted the days to make sure it will arrive on time.

True enough, after 60 days, my package from Nordstrom has arrived!:) It was a bit of a long wait, but worth it! Both arrived in great condition and two thumbs up for the tightly secured wrapping skills.

Nothing makes a customer more happy than having their package arrive safely. :) I am very pleased that my Betsy Johnson Bag and Kate Spade case is finally here!

Next package up is shipped via Air Freight. :)

I shipped these both via Air Freight, because they were both only 1 lbs each, so it pocket-friendly!:) Oh and I forgot to mention that since I used GCash, My Shipping Box has a 3% Net discount on my shipping fee. :)

Checking the calendar, this should have arrived last Saturday. But I guess delays can't be helped sometimes and this came in the mail today. :) Not bad, considering that the 15th was a Sunday and there's no delivery during that day. I'm still happy how my parcel was handled. Once again, secured and in very good condition. 

Overall, my rating my My Shopping Box would have to be 4.5 stars. :) I like their service and so far, I haven't had a problem with them. 

For more information or my other GCash AmEx reviews, you can visit the following...


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  1. I haven't tried My Shopping box, but based on your review, maybe in the future! I hate the customs fees. Been a victim before so I never want any of my packages to be sent thru our post office. Ugh... Sana they will improve their service so that they can regain our trust back. Sayang naman kasi kung wala silang silbi. Lols... :-)

    Those are lovely phone cases!!! I've purchased from one IG seller that you recommended before. iPhones are so fun to dress up. :)

  2. My Shipping Box sounds cool! I've been eyeing something online and they can only ship in the US, so I never got to purchase it. I should try this next time.

    Thanks Ava for sharing this :)

  3. Is My Shipping Box the same as My Shopping Box? I can't seem to find link for My Shipping Box. I have tried My Shopping Box, though.


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