Summer dreams!

by - March 10, 2015

Do you ever feel like the year is just passing us by? I mean, it's really going fast! One minute, we were cheering Happy New Year! And the next, it's already March!

And March only means that we have to bid the sweaters goodbye. :( Or do we really need to?
I found this hilarious thing online last week and I can't help but share it, since I am talking about how time is flying so quick!

Hahaha! Ain't it the truth! >_< After this week, it'll be exactly a month till my birthday and boy! Am I having mixed emotions about it. You see, I'm turning 26 this year and ever since I went pass 24, I haven't been really sure of how i'll feel towards nearing 30. That's still years from now, but I guess what makes me scared is that, I don't know if I have achieved much in my life by the time I get to that certain age. Well, I hope I have. More importantly, I hope I'm already working in a good company, stable and my family and I are in great shape and happy. :) 

I'm not complaining about now though. :) Don't get me wrong. It isn't perfect, but it's all good. I have two healthy kids, a loving husband, good family, I'm almost done with college, I have blogging and I'm grateful for the things coming my way.

Shorts: Forever 21
Sunglasses: Sunnies Studios

And, if 25 isn't that bad for me now, maybe turning 26 wouldn't be either. :) A new year and a fresh start, would be awesome!:) 

As for sweaters, I don't think I want to give up on them. Maybe, I'd still try to incorporate them in my OOTD once in awhile. Especially when I'm going to a cold event or place. ;) Just like my cute purple sweater! I wore this during our trip to the grocery and usually, I feel chilly there, so this was perfect and cozy for a laid back day. ^_^

Oh and I got a new haircut! I decided to let go of my layers and pink ombre for now and hello to the long bob! How do you guys like it? Yay or Nay?

Anyhoo, are you guys excited for summer?? I sure am! I don't have any thing to do yet, but I have some activities in mind already. Here are some on my list (whether for you or for your kiddos!)...


1. Mcdonald's Kiddie Crew- This is really fun! Your kids get to learn about teamwork, handwork, responsibility and they have on-the-floor training on the front counter, drive-thru, lobby and so much more. :) Registration fee is only Php 595! Check more about it here: KIDDIE CREW 2015.

2. Watercolor and Lettering Workshop- My favorite duo the Googly Gooeys have been conducting artsy workshops for awhile now and this March and April, they'll also be doing a few. So, why not join in the fun? Go here to Sign-up!

3. Craft Manila Workshops- I've heard of Craft Manila Workshops for a long time now and they have one of the best and they offer a wide range of activities. :) Whether you want to learn how to make rubber stamps, dreamcatchers or the art of pressed flowers, they have it. :) Just register! You can do it here: CRAFT MNL Workshops. :)

4. Hey Kessy Workshops- Another shop that has workshops to offer is Hey Kessy. :) They offer Brass Jewelry Making, Slab Pottery and Paper cutting. You can register here: HEY KESSY Workshops. :)

So far, those are what I have in mind. Hoping I discover more in the coming days! 

Have a great week ahead!:)


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