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by - March 23, 2015

Being healthy is something everyone finds difficult to do. But with the environment that we're all living in now and a lot of people getting sick, it's just but right that we take steps in becoming more healthy and fit. So far, this March has been a great stepping stone for me. I've been getting quite a few invites regarding health related events and I'm really enjoying it! Because, not only people who lose weight need to stay in good shape, but even thin ones like me. You need to flush out those toxins and replace it with good. :)

Last Friday, I attended my first fitness part care of Yummy Diet at Active Fun, BGC.

What is Yummy Diet exactly? :)

Yummy Diet is...

A Calorie Counting Program that promotes a healthy & yummy lifestyle for a yummy new you! Delivered straight from our kitchen right to your home 5 days / week! Get 1,200 calories of yummy home cooked meals & snacks everyday!

They deliver at almost all major cities and they even offer FREE DELIVERY to Antipolo, Cainta, Caloocan, Makati, Mandaluyong, Manila, Marikina, Pasay, Pasig, Pateros, Quezon, San Juan, Taguig and Taytay. :)

For their launch, they celebrated through a fitness party and it was filled with healthy food, juicing, Aerobics, Zumba and Yoga.

Host Suzy of Magic 89.9

With Yummy Diet, Menus are posted on their website and on their Facebook page, Instagram & Twitter every Monday night. You can then inquire by sending them an SMS, email or FB Message and  their customer representatives will assist you. They have credit card and bank deposits for payment and after, just wait until Sunday or Monday for your meals. :) Super easy and healthy!

I had the chance to taste their food during the event and for a diet food, I didn't expect it to taste that good!:) I enjoyed it. My favorite would have to be the egg muffin wrapped in bacon!^_^ Nom nom nom! Who knew you can eat yummy food and stay healthy? :)

The ladies were also treated to free sessions of Aero-G and Zumba and I can attest that this was the favorite activity of all the ladies who were present that day. :) They really danced and sweated the night away!:) I on the other hand, was kinda shy. >_< haha! For you, guys who aren't into lifting weights and hardcore gym, I think this is a great workout! Next time, I should really give this a go, because it seemed like a lot of fun!

Aside from Yummy Diet's programs, they also have Gold Press Juicing

Gold Press Juicing is by Yummy Diet & Fruit Magic. Together they have made Premium Cold-Pressed Fruit & Vegetable Juice that will be perfect for your diet. They offer three kinds of Juice Set; The Bronze Juice Set is the entry level for juice detox. This set is ideal for beginners. The Silver Juice Set is for those who want to take their cleanse to a more intense program. This set contains more green juices for a higher level of detoxification and cleanse. The Gold Set is for the brave and pro-level juicer! The abundance of green juices in this set aims to create the healthiest pH balance of human blood to keep the body in an alkaline state.

I also learned from their spokesperson that if you're the type who doesn't like eating or Veggies or Fruits, that this is a good substitute for that. One bottle a day will already complete that. :) I was relieved to hear that even kids can have this. :) They'll officially start juicing and delivery on April 12. :)

There were also a few interesting brands to check out that day at the event, like Metro Dental, Smart,  Organic Basement to name a few and many more!:)

I definitely had fun at the Yummy Diet Fitness Party and I can't wait to start on my Yummy Diet 1 week meal on April and i'll see how it goes from there. :) I'm pretty excited for the start of a much healthier lifestyle!:)

To know more about Yummy Diet and Gold Press Juicing, visit the following links below:


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