Shakey's at 40: Color Fun Run!

by - March 25, 2015

For 40 years, Shakey's has captured the hearts of many in the Philippines. From their mouth-watering pizzas and their all-time favorite Chicken n' Mojos, their menu has definitely grown so much to cater to everyone's cravings. However, for Shakey's, its more than serving meals that will satisfy even the toughest critics - it's about the Good Times and Great Memories shared by their Guests. I couldn't agree more to that. Don't you feel nostalgic whenever you eat at Shakey's? In my part, I really do. I remember my childhood days when my Mom would bring us there, because she's craving for their thin crust pizza. It was pure family bonding! Oh those were the good days! Until now, we're still Shakey's lovers!:)

It was still this dark when we got there!

To celebrate the colorful 40- year story of Shakey's Philippines, everyone is treated to a fun 5 kilometer run that's literally bursting with colors. We started from their oldest existing store in Raja Sulayman, Malate and made a U-turn back to finish. :) 

I'm usually not a morning person and I really mean that! It takes a lot for me to be dragged out of bed. But this is my first fun run and I didn't want to miss out!:) That day I was a morning person!^_^ We actually weren't able to sleep anymore, because we had to get to the event at exactly 5AM for the race gun shot at 6AM. Whew! But we made it!

There were a lot of people who joined the race. Our number was already 827-828 when we got there and I even saw 1000+! And as we ran through the course, we got showered with different colors that allowed us to enjoy the run in a unique and colorful way. :)

We made it to 1 Kilometer!! Achievement!! Take note, this was a 5Km race, but we already found ourselves panting and struggling at 1Km! Hahaha! Talk about lack of exercise! Very bad! We need to do this more often! >_< Can you tell by the smile on my face that I'm so happy?? haha!

The Shakey's Color Fun Run is Shakey's unique way of giving thanks to the Filipino family. By telling a colorful story in an exciting way, they are able to make their guests experience what it's like to have someone color your story with happy and vibrant hues. For Shakey's, their real 40-year story are the Good Times and Great Memories they shared with you. :)

 Of course in any race, there are winners and Shakey's awarded the fastest Male who finished in 15 minutes and Female in 18 minutes! - OMG!! I applaud them both!! Sobrang bilis lang! Flash is that you?? And also the most colorful Male, Female and Group! :) Congratulations!!

And yahoo!! We got to the finish line! We started at 6:00 AM and finished at exactly 6:53! Not bad for first timers!:) Thank you so much, Shakey's for this wonderful and artsy experience! It was worth it to see the sunrise and have this off my bucket list!

Happy 40 years and more to come, Shakey's!!!


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  1. OMG parang super saya nitoooo..sayang di ako nakapuntaaaa... :( I have never experienced any color runs ever before. hihihi :) Next tiiime. :)


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