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by - May 31, 2015

Becoming a Mom has changed my life completely and it just cannot be helped to be twice as careful, super remindful and overprotective when it comes to my children. Especially when we're going out, there are just so many things that we need to tote around. If we could only bring the whole house, I would! Because you never know what they might need and incase of emergencies, we have everything in what we call our 'baby bag.' :)

Germs are everywhere and I know how OC my Mom was with me growing up. Main reason why I'm familiar with almost every cleaning product there is around. But our main trusted brand in disinfection would have to be Lysol. We have the big spray can at home and we often use it when we need to disinfect certain parts of our home. I remember using it often when cleaning our son's crib. Of course, he doesn't immediately sleep in it, but it's just something we use to kill germs that might be lurking in his bed.

If that wasn't already making our lives better, Lysol has come up with something even much better for all the Moms On-the-go and I'm sure when you find out what it is, you're gonna want to run to the nearest supermarket ASAP!

Last week, Lysol invited Mommy bloggers to their product launch and first treated us all to yummy ice cream at The Farmacy Ice cream & Soda Fountain. My son Athan and I really enjoyed it! But we were surprised to see that there was so much more in stored for us that day!

Find out what happened next and Lysol's newest product is by READING MORE below!

This was our ride for the day - The Black Fleet! ^_^

The event couldn't be better timed as it took place during Mother's month in May and also the season for getting back to school. Mothers will need to prepare extra hard to keep their children protected from germs and viruses. 

Just like Athan who will be going to big school this coming June. Another big leap for him, bigger environment and all the more reason for me to be protective.

In The Black Fleet we each talked about our family live; what our favorite bonding moments are, how we're preparing for this coming school year and what never leave home without. Almost all Mommies had the same answer and it was interesting to know some of their tips.

Finally,  Lysol introduced to us their newest product - LYSOL TO GO!

Lysol has always been a partner for mothers who want to keep a healthy home for their family. Now, Lysol allows moms to extend their germ protection out of home with the new Lysol To Go Spray.

The new Lysol To Go spray comes in 28g/1 oz. sizes and available in Crisp Linen variant only. It contains the same properties of the regular Lysol Disinfectant Spray that kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria. It is the newest product to come from Lysol's brand heritage of being the World's No.1 brand in Disinfection. 

Lysol eliminates this much virus, bacteria and fungi! Imagine that? The brand most recommended by U.S. pediatricians makes its popular disinfectant spray travel size. The spray can now be easily brought to work, school, restaurants, malls, hotels or anywhere life takes you!

Even the most influential Mom of the showbiz industry trusts Lysol To Go. :)

After our road cruise around Fort, Lysol also paid homage to tireless effort of Mommies who keep their homes safe and clean from germs. 

We were so surprised to be greeted with a bouquet of flowers when we got to 2nd's restaurant for dinner. :) Super sweet! Thank you so much for making us feel special, Lysol!

Happy tummy and happy mommy!:)

Along with my Lysol To Go Disinfectant spray, I also have my Lysol Germ Protection Hand Wipes. :)

Thanks to Lysol, mothers can now carry with them Lysol to Go Spray to protect their families against disease-causing germs, anytime, anywhere. :)

Now, I can worry less when we're out, because I have something purse size that can help me battle germs! Bye Bye bacteria! Definitely a life saviour to all OC Moms out there! 


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  1. Thanks for sharing this Ava. I may not be a mommy yet but because I travel a lot for work those are part of my essentials! Will definitely be trying those out. :)



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