Lee Denim DIY!

by - May 30, 2015

If there's one trend that will never die, it would have to be denim or jeans. It's something that everyone has in their closet and what most people wear on a daily basis. It's such a classic piece and a durable one at that. It will never go out of style and nowadays, you can do so much to it!

Yesterday, I went to the Lee Denim DIY: Rip & Repair Workshop at the SM MoA, Atrium. :)

This is actually my first denim DIY event, so I was pretty excited to see what I can do with my pair of Lee jeans. :) See more below!

The first thing that happened when I got there was they handed me this Denim ReFreshment sheet of paper and I had to write my name.

And from there, I had the chance to pick out my jeans; whether I wanted the Jeggings Mid-rise super slim Shady blue wash or Heritage blue wash. :) If I'm not mistaken, I think I picked out the Heritage blue wash, because the lighter, the better I like it!

Next, I went to STATION 1: RIPPING!

Here you are given the choice as well whether you like it light or heavily distressed. I wanted something in the middle; medyo wild na hindi lol!, so Kuya was nice enough to accommodate my request. :) Thank you! You can see the journey of my jeans in the first two photos. The third one is actually Divine Lee's. :) She went heavy on hers and it looks awesome!

The next station I went to was 3 & 4. 

They offered Painting for Station 3. But I skipped that part, because I wasn't ready to go that daring on my jeans. This guy however was so cool with his! Very artsy!

Since I didn't go for painting, I was definitely not going to miss out on Station 4: Monogramming!

My monogram and ripped jeans!

I'm a sucker for personalizing my stuff, so this was my favorite part out of all the stations!:) Finally got my very own monogrammed jeans! Yey!

Lastly, I made a trip to Station 2: Repair...

Since I had to choose which size and color of patch I wanted, it still wasn't attached on my jeans. So, I had to make a trip to Station 2, so they could sew it on for me. :)

Phya and I - happy with our DIY jeans! 

Basically that's it!:) Those are the fun stuff that you can do at the Lee Denim DIY! :) Catch them from today till May 31, 2015 at the Atrium of SM Mall of Asia!


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  1. Wow! This is fun! Hope they will also have this kind of event not just in Manila but nationwide, naku sasali talga ako. Hihi. :)


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