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by - May 28, 2015

TOMS as a brand has been one of my favorites, because they not only make quality products, but they actually started out for a cause and not because they wanted to make profit. They sell in order to give children in need and they have done so much already and are continuing to do so. How can you not love that about them? I'm so fortunate that I got to know them even more through the past events that I've been attending and just last week, their 'One Day Without Shoes' movement.

I know this already happened last year and I think every year? But this was my first time and definitely happy to be a part of this! Read more to see what we did!

The event was held at Park of BGC and I got to go with my fellow blogger friends to this wonderful cause.

Ashley, Ana, Me, Krissy and Paul :)

One Day Without Shoes is a day of celebrating without your shoes on and taking a picture of it. This year, for every photo you post on Instagram without your shoes on, TOMS will be giving a pair to a child in need. One photo = 1 pair of shoes. Amazing!:) It won't even cost you a thing to help out in this.

Just so you know, this event was attended by people with the purest intention. It may have been an event, but there was nothing in return. Only a full heart of content! ^_^

At the event, we got to enjoy some sweet treats, happy music, cool teepees and just fun outdoors with friends. :) 

It's so nice to see that everyone was so game to take their shoes off and enjoy the day. Regardless of what they were wearing; white, pastel or skirts, they took of their shoes and got dirty!

Photo grabbed from Beb Ana :)

If you've ever attended Carlos Celdran's Intramuros tour, you're surely familiar with his 'Walk this way!' style and he did that during the TOMS Walk Without Shoes around BGC! It was fun for me, because I've always wanted to go on his tours. Heard it's awesome! Glad I was able to do it at TOMS. Though at TOMS, we had trivia about TOMS while going around BGC. :)

Also saw celebrities like Marc Nelson join in this movement. :) 

If you were at BGC that day and saw random people inviting you to join - to take off your shoes and walk barefoot, I hope you were able to join in this wonderful movement, because a small move can make a difference. :)


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