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by - May 30, 2015

The Bucket Bag has been a big trend for years, but it comes and goes. This year it's making a comeback again and the brand Mansur Gavriel by Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel is making a big splash in the fashion scene and it has been all over magazines, Instagram and Pinterest ( I would know cos I pin it a lot =P). Though this bag is a bit hard to come by, because a.) It's always SOLD OUT b.) It's a New York Based Design Label (though sometimes you can find it at online stores) and c.) It's a bit pricey.

So, given the choices above and if you're on the lookout for a Mansur Gavriel and will just have to wait like me, I've come up with some bucket bags that is Mansur Gavriel inspired and other designs that might catch your fancy. :)

First up is from Posh Everyday: :)

What I love about the brand is that, their bucket bags are made from vegan material; it's not an animal byproduct. The backing used is made of cork material/ recycled material. It's also known as man made leather. It looks and feels like leather.

This resembles Mansur Gavriel so much and it was the closest style I could find to it. Main reason why I immediately fell in love with it. :) You can also get it monogrammed if you like. :)

Next up is Lulu Swing: :)

Their beautiful Chianti bag was also one of the bags in my mind. With the selling price of only Php 1,050, how can you not love it? :) They come in two colors; White and Saddle. 

This too, I believe is made from faux leather, but they're beautiful!

Third is My Gilded Nest or Leather Fellow: :)

This shop is another favorite of mine, because not only do they make awesome minimalist bucket bags, but it's also made from real leather - vegtanned cowhide to be exact. :)

 Looking at this makes me want another color! But we would all have to wait, because as of April 21, 2015 (my birthday pa! haha!) they are still not accepting orders due to the workload. I guess that's how much people order from them!:) But visit them from time to time! Who knows, a spot might open up!

If you feel like you're limited to white, black or saddle with the others, you can try our Niqua. They not only provide real leather products, but you can also choose from their 15 color palette on how you want your bucket bag to look like and you can also add monogram to it. :)

They'll be at The Caravan lifestyle market today till Sunday at The Kirov Model Unite beside Rockwell Tent. You can drop by and see their bags. :)

This is a small version it's only 7 3/4 x 9 3/4 inches. But I think it's perfect for music festivals or just a casual day or night out with friends. Nothing much in your bag. :) This too is faux leather.

Last, but not the least is from Parfois: :)

Parfois has really nice bags in general and I like that they carry different styles of Bucket bags. They're durable and affordable as well. They rarely go beyond Php 1K+ :) 

The first photo above is a new design and the second one is a minimalist design that comes in white, black, yellow, saddle and this blush. :)

So, that's it! :) Hope I was able to help you guys find the perfect bucket bag! :) Till my next fashion recommendation!


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