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by - June 19, 2015

If I could transport myself to Japan in just a heartbeat, I definitely would! It's one of the countries on my 'must-go-there' bucket list and it's primarily because it's the land of all things Kawaii! ^_^ I'd probably go home with a hole in my pocket, but a full heart! Hehe! That's how much I love cute things. I used to order a lot from Strapya-World! If you love kawaii things as much as I do, you know what site that is! >_<

So, it's just natural that when the Kawaii PH book launched here in Manila, I knew I had to go! I wouldn't wanna miss out and of course, my fellow blogger friends and I were there to support our dear Ashley Dy!

As we were going down the escalator, I could already sense the Kawaii vibe from afar! 

Everything is so cute! Don't you agree??

We were a bit late, but glad we were still able to catch Reese Lansangan's performance. I super love her original songs! She was my boothmate last BU8! And Ashley was my boothmate last BU9! Who knew being friends with them it would lead me to this event! I'm not only surrounded by kawaii things, but also kawaii people! Love love!

Aside from spotting the cute decorations and people in costumes, we also saw Ashley's artwork!:)

With Ana and Ashley! Triple A!

There were a few DIY activities at the venue, like this button pin that you can doodle on and simply put on your shirt or bag. :)

Converse was also at the event. If you had Chucks that day, you just needed to go to their booth and they'll be drawing, doodling and coloring it for you. :)

Just a little glimpse of what's inside the book...

What I love about it is that the pages are filled with kawaii people, the book aims to inspire people who also dreams of going to Japan, there are also a few kawaii DIY, and makeup tutorials too!

It's really an awesome and cute book! I think you can purchase this for Php 200 at http://kawaii.ph/beyond-the-cutest-dreams-the-kawaii-ph-book-launch/ :)

Paul, Ana and me!

 Thank you so much to Pauly for buying me my very own Kawaii PH Book!^_^

Congratulations to Kaila Ocampo, Ashley and the rest of the Kawaii PH team for the successful launch of their Book 1: Beyond the Cutest Dreams! When's Book 2?? hehe! Excited!

Visit their FB page to know more about Kawaii PH!


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