Why I love Bulgogi Brothers!♥

by - June 20, 2015

Aside from the being into Japanese food than I am into Chinese (how ironic), I also super love Korean food. I can eat Kimchi over and over again! But before I didn't know any good Korean restaurants, because I would often settle for the Japanese ones that I already know by heart. Fortunately, I got introduced to Bulgogi Brothers last week and it's now on my list of favorite restaurants!

Beb Ana and I :)

Let me tell you the reasons why I fell in love with Bulgogi Brothers!

1.) They only have couches for seats at their Newport Mall branch 

I know this isn't related to their food, but don't you love sitting on couches when eating at restaurants? I do! It has this relaxing feeling to it and it makes me wanna eat more! haha!

2.) They have the best tasting steak ever!..... for me that is! ^_^ 

I can't get enough of their steak! It has a good combination of subtle sweetness and smoky! I love it best with a bit of salt and also their BBQ sauce! I've eaten in a lot of Barbeque restos, but so far, I love and crave for Bulgogi' Brothers the most! *Already craving as I write this... huhuhu! -_-*

3.) HEART SHAPED STEAK!!  ^_^ ^_^

How cute, right??! ^v^ We were told by our server that originally back in Korea, they actually serve this heart shaped steak during Valentine's Day, because couples would request for it. :) Awww sweet! Now you know where to bring your significant other next V-Day! ;) Oh and an additional fact given to us was that, it's best eaten wrapped in lettuce and in Korean tradition, if you eat it whole - put everything in our mouth... you'll be rich! Hmmm... I think it worked for Paul! Hehe! 

4.) Fulfilling Korean Shabu-Shabu!

This pot is good for 3-4 people and I tell you, it will really make you full! They have 3 ways of enjoying Shabu-Shabu: Broth, Noodles and Porridge

They first cook the broth with the beef, then slowly adding the noodles. This alone is already heavy on the stomach. But at the end, when there is only the broth left, they mix the rice in it and you get a really yummy porridge! :) It's amazing!

5.) Unlimited side dishes + You just keep coming back for more!

When you dine in at Bulgogi Brothers, you get three side dishes: Kimchi, Dilis, and Pickled Veggies. Aside from that, you also get a salad with a little spicy dressing. It's really good! I had a lot of Kimchi and the Hubby kept going at the Dilis! >_<

Obviously, I craved for Bulgogi Brothers after my first taste that I had to pull Hubby the same day, so he could try it! He was skeptical at first if he was going to get full at Bulgogi Brothers or if he would be satisfied. But at the end of our meal, he was speechless! I could see the delight in his eyes and tummy! haha!

Definitely coming to Bulgogi Brothers again and again!

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  1. I super wanna try the heart-shaped meat! :))

  2. I miss dining Bulgogi Brothers! I totally love their food. I hope they will open a branch here in our city.


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