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by - June 10, 2015

The second week of midyear has officially dawned on us and the weather is slowly starting to shift from scorching heat to rainy days ahead. I can hear the thunder rumbling earlier when I was at Greenbelt and could actually sense rain through the scent of the environment (the smell of rain). But for some reason it didn't push through at Greenbelt nor when I got to Taft. I guess the weather is that fickle. 

But safe to say, that we can say goodbye to summer soon. :( I'm not going to miss the intense heat, but I am going to miss the summer hues and all the fun activities we do during that season. The rainy season just isn't that fun when you're outside; you always need an umbrella and chances are you can get soaking wet. The only perks of rain is that you can start layering outfits again. Weeee!

For now, I'm still feeling a bit of the summer vibes, so posting a very much overdue OOTD!

The start of June was a busy one for me, but I'm not complaining. :) First, we had Bloggers United last June 6 and i'll be posting a separate entry for that. Then, Athan officially started big school last Monday and we're still at the adjusting phase of that. I'm thinking of making also another entry, but it's on how to deal with separation anxiety for parents who have kids that are just about to start school. :) It's not easy to be away from them, so I'll share my tips soon on how to handle that. 

*Photo by Ana Gonzales

dress: reeco ph | sandals: sm parisian | bag: parfois | watch: veloci time | sunnies: rayban

Aside from the updates above, I'm also doing quite a few artsy activities on my Instagram, like calligraphy and painting again. Will post also about my lettering activities soon! ^_^ 

And speaking of artsy, I've always been into wallpapers for me phone and if you're like that as well, here are a few that you might like!


Obviously, I still find it hard to say goodbye to summer with the wallpaper theme haha!:) BTW, I didn't make these. I found them from different people and I also use them as phone wallpapers. :)

Hope you all are having a good week so far! The long weekend is near!!


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