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With so many Katsu and Ramen places sprouting around the metro, wouldn't it be nice to also try one of Japan's famous food? I'm sure you already know what I'm talking about - TEMPURA! :)

There's a restaurant now here in Manila that specializes on Tempura. But at this resto, you can discover the huge difference between tempura and an authentic Japanese tempura made by Tenya. Even if the Japanese tempura has been making waves across the world, Tenya is the one and only undisputed restaurant that serves the best and most authentic Japanese Tendon and Tempura. 

This is my first time to dine at Tenya despite them being open for a long time already. :) 

So, how did I find their food?

Carrying with them the Japanese passion for tradition and perfection, they have spent years to create the perfect tempura that they consistently serve in all of their stores day by day. From their humble beginnings in Asakusa, Tokyo, Tenya breezed through all their competition and rose to become Japan's # 1 restaurant chain specializing in Tendon and Tempura.

Tenya only uses natually grown Black Tiger prawns, so you are assured that they provide the best and their cooking oil is 100% heart-healthy Canola oil. :)

Tenya Japan's recipe library has over 350 varities of tempura! How amazing is that??

They have super good appetizers to offer before your main course and I really love the chicken, tofu and cheese wrapped in seaweed! I never knew those two would make such a great combination!:)

For the parents who want to dine at Tenya, your kids will certainly have so much fun, because they offer the best looking Kids Meal I have ever seen!

They serve it in either a car, train or plane! It's up to your kid to pick out which plate they prefer. :) Sadly, for the kids at heart, this is only exclusively for the children. :)

The Tendon Occupation....

Krissy and her Tendon :)

What is a Tendon? It's Tempura + Donburi ( a Japanese staple- authentic Japanese rice bowls with different types of toppings) = Tendon! 

They offer six types of Tendon at Tenya: 

All- Star Tendon
Kakiage Tendon
Chicken Mayo Tendon
Kisu Tendon
Buta Kimuchi Tendon
4 out of 6. :)
This ranges from Php 260+ to Php 300+

As for me, I had the All Star Tempura Soba/ Udon. :)

This was around Php 445?

It already has everything and I got really full after this! If you want to order a set meal like this, I suggest don't go for appetizers anymore. Especially if you're eating alone! But I was really happy I ordered this.

It's also cool that their chopsticks holder doubles as origami!

To cap things off, I had the coconut lychee popsicle and it was the perfect dessert! Light and fresh!

I really enjoyed my dining experience at Tenya and I can't wait to bring my family here next time!:)


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