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by - July 09, 2015

Gone are the days when a coffee shop is just a place you buy coffee and leave. Now, it's a place where you study, have lunch, set up a meeting with a client or date with your significant other. For me it's all of the above and as addition, I also love hopping from one coffee shop to another, because I like discovering unique places to hangout at or bring my friends and family. :) I already have a hashtag on Instagram - #AFACAFETRIP and there you can easily find the cafes i've been to and why I fancy them. But occasionally I also love writing about them and today, I'm doing another one. :)

Last Saturday, I visited Ortigas to see my long time blogger friend Nori and her newest business venture (though it was established in 2012) - Daily Brew. :) We've been online friends since I started attending events and I'm so happy to see that she's come a long way... Now she has a coffee shop! Wow!:)

Would you like to see more of this quaint coffee shop? :) READ MORE!

The Daily Brew Coffee & Tea shop is located at The ADB Avenue Tower in Ortigas Center, Pasig City. It's almost across Holiday Inn and Robinsons Galleria if you're more familiar with that. :)

The moment I stepped in Nori's coffee shop, I knew I would love it...

 The shop has a homey and cozy feel to it that makes it really welcoming and you know you'd want to stay. :) It has two floors and it strays away from the typical coffee shops that only focuses on their coffee and pastries. This offers so much more. :)

Judging from the menu, you can see that they have a wide range of drinks to offer and the price isn't so bad. It's actually affordable compared to the coffee shops I would visit at Taft.

Of course, they also offer pastries, because what coffee shop would be complete without these sweet treats, right? :) Perfect match with coffee!

The Daily Brew offers a lot of things to do for their visitors...

1. You can design your own cup! What artsy person can say 'no' to this? I sure couldn't! I went right ahead and designed my own cup! Do you see it? :)

photo grabbed from Beb Ana :)

2. They have board games around the coffee shop, so if you're with your barkada and you want to unwind while waiting or having your food, you can definitely have a go with these!:)

3. Aside from board games, they also have books from the first floor to the second. You're free to get a book or two and indulge in it while having your coffee or tea. :)

One of the many nice things about Nori's coffee shop is the handcrafted menu.

You can make your own pasta and sandwich here - if you're the super picky type and only want certain things in your food, this menu is for you! I'm personally not picky, but I got excited to try it out, so I made my own pasta. ^_^

While waiting for our orders, we were introduced to some of their best-sellers...

The Adobo Flakes for Php 165 :) 

I got to taste this and it's good. :) I actually recommended my husband to try this out since he works around the area of Daily Brew. 

The Monte-Cristo French Toast with Canadian bacon, cream cheese and jam!:) 

Ana and I stayed on the second floor with Nori and I can't help but admire the cute decor!

How cool is it that there's a basil plant growing in their store too?? Fresh ingredients!

I also adore her personalized mugs!:) To be honest, I almost mistakenly took Ana's mug and thought it was my water. But upon looking at the name, I knew it wasn't mine! Buti na lang may names!>_<

What we had....

I had the penne pasta with cream sauce, tinapa flakes and mushroom + lemonade drink!:)

Ana also had handcrafted pasta and got penne pasta with cream sauce, mushroom and cheese + White Rabbit drink!:) 

Me, Ana and Nori. :) Photo grabbed from Ana :)
I had such a great time catching up with friends and at the perfect place - a coffee shop! Thank you so much, Nori for having us and congratulations on this successful endeavor! She's such a hardworking person and I am so happy to see her grow!:)

Visit them:

Monday-Friday: 8:00AM to 11:00PM 


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  1. the White Rabbit drink sounds tasty! need to try that one of these days! :o


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