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by - July 12, 2015

It has come to my attention that I don't post as much OOTD here on my blog anymore. I reviewed some of my entries for 2015 and so far I only have one or two the most per month! OMG! -_- What has happened to me?? I seriously didn't realize that I only had that few. :( I actually miss the times when I did outfit posts almost every weekend. But I guess I've reached the point wherein I don't really find that the highlight of my blog. Is that growing up? Well, I still want to do OOTD posts. Believe me, I really do! But I do that more on Instagram now and it just doesn't feel as good as posting it here on the blog. So, i'll try harder to make time for it. :)

And for July! Hopefully not the only OOTD for the month... here's my first!

Dress: SM Woman
Bag: Posh Everyday
Shoes: Call It Spring

Last weekend, my family and I went to Greenhills for our family day and things started out pretty normal until we got home. But little did I know I lost something really important at GH. I only noticed Monday morning that it wasn't in my bag anymore. I was devastated the whole week... well, up to now I'm still kind of sad about it and a little part of me wishes it would suddenly appear in the corners of my room or house. Alas, it never happened and don't think it ever will. I lost it and that's that. I only hope that whoever took it badly needed it for something important. If not, karma bites back hard. You may not feel it right now and probably enjoying what you took from me, but I believe that if you take something that isn't yours, in the end it has its consequences and you won't be happy about it. It's just a lesson learned for me to be more cautious. But you know, I'm a very cautious person. I always look out for my stuff, but that particular day, my mind just floated away to Asher and got busy running after him, so I didn't bother to look. :(

I take this bad thing as a sign to be more alert and careful no matter what. I'm just looking on the brighter side that it's better to lose that thing than Asher or hoping that something better comes along the way in exchange of the horrible experience. :)

Another lesson is that no matter what you're going through, try to look at the light at the end of the tunnel. There's still hope and things will get better as days go by.

In other news! Guys! I'm back to Vlogging again! So far, I've done it twice already for this year. One last June and the other 6 days ago. You can visit my YouTube account at this link: https://www.youtube.com/user/anmte21 :)

Here's the July post where I did the Husband Tag with the Hubby. :)

As you can see it was also taken the same day as the OOTD. I'll try to be more consistent with Vlogging and OOTD this year! Promise! >_<

BTW, I hope you all are safe from the typhoon and may you have a great Sunday ahead!


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  1. Can't believe you're already a mom of 2 boys, you still look so young. I love your ootds


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