Potato Night with my little Potato!♥

by - July 12, 2015

Though it was raining last Tuesday, my youngest son Asher and I took the MRT and headed to Glorietta for the much awaited premiere of the Minions Movie a.k.a. Potato Night of GMovies. :)

We got to the mall around 6:15, had dinner first there headed to the GMovies booth to claim our tickets.

Asher was pretty excited for this movie. :) Just look at him all bundled up and ready with his popcorn and large lemonade in tow! ^_^ Cutie! He was also wearing yellow that day!

So, how did we find the movie? :)
The movie started at 7 PM and of course, we're fully prepared for a night of BELLO! ^_^

By the looks of Asher's face you can tell that he was so hooked on the movie and true enough, everyone was too! We all kept on laughing at almost every scene and it's definitely a nice movie to watch with your family and kids. I recommend it! :) 

If you loved Despicable Me 1 & 2, I'm sure you'll also dig this movie. Especially if the Minions have always been your favorite part. This is just full of it! 

After watching this movie, Asher kept saying "Pooh-na-na!!!" I guess he can't say 'Banana' yet, so that's what he says hehe!

I can't wait for Athan to see this next!

Don't miss out on watching this funny and cute movie this weekend! You can download the GMovies App for free on your device and you'll be able to check out cinema schedules, movie reviews, or even book your movie ASAP!:) 

Happy Sunday!

For more updates visit: https://www.facebook.com/GMoviesApp :)


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  1. Awww! Asher is sooo cute! The lemonade cup is bigger than him! <3 So adorable. :)

    Glad you two had fun! :) Mother-Son bonding moments are priceless. God bless, Ava!!



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