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by - August 23, 2015

Since opening their first futuristic and pop-art inspired store in 2004, Digital Walker set the bar for Industrial class and fashion forward digital accessorizing. They have been a must-go-to place when it comes to finding the perfect phone case, music headgear, portable speakers and more. The true tech-savvy and social geek's haven.

Pushing the envelope further, the much loved gadget accessory store recently unveiled a new twist in their Eastwood Mall location: Recession Coffee by Digital Walker. :)

What's different about this coffee shop compared to the many already sprouting around the metro? Read more about it below!

Have you ever experienced being in such a tight budget that buying a cup of coffee at a well-known cafe would be too steep for your pocket? or for once, don't you just want a place that would permit you to pay whatever you wish? Well, your prayers have been answered!:)

Truly a coffee lover's dream in the heart of Eastwood City, the cafe shares its space with the fun and funky tech store, and have worked closely with the EDSA beverage design group to provide their patrons with the best cup of coffee at whatever price they wish to pay. Yes, it's a pay-what-you-want cafe!:)

Coffee enthusiasts and purists alike can now have excellent coffee brews. Choosing from a list of Espressos, for example one may try the aptly named beans "Dark Matter Theory." For the pour over coffee enthusiasts, a choice selection of Panama Carmen Estate, Ethiopia Sidamo Guji Suke Quto, and Kenya Wakulima grinds are available for discerning coffee-geek connoisseurs to analyze. Pair the cup with colorful, delectable confectionery offerings by Chef Miko Aspiras - or four. They're delicious!

In case you're curious on which pastries to try first, I suggest you go for the #Love Wins Chocolate cake or Honey Ombre cake. They're good and not too sweet!:)

Their price chart definitely tickled my funny bone while looking at it...

Recession's Pay-What-You-Want concept challenges coffee aficionados to show their love for coffee by giving them the freedom to pay as much as they want for a cup. But, because Recession Coffee and Digital Walker have a deep appreciation for dry humor, it would be good to know that your cup will also get a price badge to poke fun at just how much cash is received. Give an amount greater than Php 200 and receive a marriage proposal, or contribute Php 50 and be mistaken for someone in between jobs. So contribute modestly at your own risk.

I'm already married, so maybe i'll go for the Php 100-150 price range hahaha! >_<

But honestly, with the unique experience, cozy ambiance, good food and beverage, I won't pay anything below the Php 100-150 price cos it's worth it! I really can't wait to bring my friends here! 

Seriously though, don't you just love coffee and gadgets together? You get to sip a fresh brew of coffee while browsing the latest accessories for your gadgets! It's the perfect mix! :) 

Experience Digital Walker's pay-what-you-want coffee at 3rd Floor Eastwood Mall from 11AM to 10 PM daily!

You can also visit the following for more information and updates:
Twitter & Instagram: @digitalwalkerph


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  1. That rainbow cake looks sweet and yummy. I was confused at the Order Here signage and I'm glad you walked us through it. Something cute to talk about.

    ♥ Louise |

  2. I am a coffee lover and can't pass a day without it, but I am not ready to spend too much on this haha! I'd rather have it at home, sit in my garden, sipping from my collection of mugs a day at a time. Heehee!

  3. Do you know? Coffee can give you a happiest life. It is very useful to decrease your depression and give you more power to move on. Coffee Shop.


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