The Journey to building multiple intelligence

by - August 26, 2015

Last August 2, 2015, Progress Pre-School GOLD invited Athan and I to be a part of a journey with National Geographyc Channel Philippines. This was the second leg of their mall tour and it was held at Trinoma Activity Center. :)

Check out the fun activities Athan got to do at the fun-filled event. :)

The kids at the event got to play games on stage and they also got to test their Multiple Intelligence through three booths at the activity center.

Stage parent daddy on the right! haha!:)

My son Athan was so excited to try out all the booths, but he first went to the People Smart area where he got partnered with a fellow close to his age. :) Together, they were tasked to build the slide and see-saw. I could see how determined Athan was, because as soon as the instructor blew his whistle, he jumped right in and worked on it! Once they were able to accomplish it, they got a medal! Just look at Athan all smiles and so proud of his achievement!:) Woot!

Next up, we went to the Body Smart booth!

His Dad and I were so proud of him during this task, because he was actually able to shoot the ball twice! We think he can have a future in basketball! ^_^ Too bad I wasn't able to capture it on cam, because kuya blocked my shot haha! >_< But yey! Another medal for Athan!

The last booth for us was the Brain Smart....

This booth was to test your skills in science and other stuff. Unfortunately, Athan wasn't able to get a medal on this last course due to time constraint. He only had 3 minutes to complete a test paper. He was sad at first, but I assured him that the situation didn't determine his place in life. :) He has a lot more to look forward to and that we're so proud he got two out of three medals!:)

 And the best part of this is that, Progress Pre-School Gold parents like me and you! Can get the chance to win an all-expense paid family trip for 4 at the National Geographic Museum in Washington D.C. when you buy a 1.6 kg can of Progress Pre-School Gold. :) Promo runs until September 30, 2015!

You can know more about the Fly and Learn Promo at :)

Oh in case you're interested in attending their mall event, the next one is on September 13 at Abreeza Mall, Davao. Bring your kids and get the chance to win exciting prizes from NatGeo!^_^

Visit for more information!

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