Colorful mealtime with UFC

by - September 24, 2015

Kids can be terribly picky when it comes to food, and making it taste good isn't the only hurdle - it needs to look good too! I myself have two different kids - my eldest Athan is super picky when it comes to food and my youngest Asher practically eats anything you put on his plate! >_< 

Mommies all over the world know that a colorful, creative-looking meal is a meal more likely to be eaten, that's why a lot of mom's have started creating fun bento meals for their kids to enjoy.

Fortunately for me, UFC has made mealtime a whole lot easier on Momma right here! ;)

UFC Tamis-Anghang Banana Catsup, the leading catsup brand in the country and household staple for over 40 years now, has launched its newest product which will make mealtimes for fun and colorful!

Introducing new UFC Color Crazee Catsup! Your favorite UFC catsup now made available in four fun, exciting colors: Bubbly Blue, Goofy Green, Yummy Yellow and Radiant Red. It comes in a twist-cap and easy squeeze bottle making it easy for kids to use! Plus, you can even mix the colors to create new ones! Taste wise the young and young-at-heart are sure to love the fact that this is the same UFC Tamis-Anghang Banana Catsup blend, just in different colors. 

I know there are some people who might find this weird, but seriously, it still tastes like catsup! It only has color, but nothing has changed when it comes to taste, so don't be scared to try it! :)

My kids found this super fun and started eating the fries away!

UFC Color Crazee Catsup lets you add color to your food, and you'll find creating edible art is a great bonding activity for the whole family. :) Don't be surprised if kids start asking for second helpings of food come mealtime, just for the chance to add more catsup to their food before devouring it.

UFC Color Crazee Catsup is available in leading supermarkets nationwide for a limited time only. 150g singles are priced at Php 15 and Php 85 for the cute box set that includes all four colors. :)

You can also share your edible art on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook! Just use the hashtag #UFCColorCrazeeCatsup :)

Oh check out their TVC too --- CLICK HERE!

For more on UFC, visit :)


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