Kiss Goodbye Breast Cancer 2015

by - September 09, 2015

When we first found out that my grandfather had cancer at the end of 2012, it was a whirlwind of emotions for our family. We just couldn't believe it. He was a healthy man and no vices. It was already at stage 4, so there was nothing we can do about it, because the doctor said he was too weak to even do chemo. We felt helpless, but we made sure that during his remaining days he didn't feel alone, we love him so much and that we were with him 100%. 

Sad to say that he only lived up to September 24, 2013. But he died in peace and didn't feel any pain. Though we may miss him so much, we know he's in a much happier place now. 

The reason why I shared my grandfather's story is because I know that there are people out there also fighting the same horrible illness that my grandfather did and it can hit anyone-young or old. Only the difference is the kind of cancer that they have and for me, no one should feel alone when battling this.

Yesterday, I was invited by Avon Philippines to their Kiss Goodbye to Breast Cancer campaign press launch at Le Jardin Manila and I knew this was an event that I couldn't pass up. I wanted to help even in my own little way.

Learn more about their campaign below.

According to the Department of Health and Philippine Cancer Society, breast cancer is the most common cancer in the Philippines. One out of every 13 Filipino women can fall victim to this disease. Moreover, the Philippines has been identified as having the highest incidence rate of breast cancer in the whole Asia. 

This 2015, Avon intensifies its Kiss Goodbye to Breast Cancer (KGBC) campaign in the Philippines with the theme, "I Share the Fight Against Breast Cancer."

Along with this wonderful campaign, Avon is happy to present its three ambassadors - Jennylyn Mercado, Rocco Nacino and his mother, Linda Nacino, who herself has battled against and survived the disease.

The press event was really heart-tugging, because KGBC Ambassadors Jennylyn Mercado and Rocco Nacino read aloud true stories of breast cancer patients. While narrating the story of his own mother, Rocco Nacino couldn't help but tear up. Seeing him that way made me also want to cry. :( But happy that his mom is now in a healthy state. :)

Jennylyn, Linda Nacino and Rocco Nacino :)

Linda Nacino, who has been cancer-free for 16 years, also launched her own "Piso Para sa Chemo" - a coin drive using empty water bottles, which benefits breast cancer patients at the PGH Breast Care Center. To date, she has been able to turnover Php 40,000 worth of cash donations to patients at the PGH Breast care Center with the help of Rocco's fans, their family, and friends. 

Amazing how these 3 Ambassadors, despite having no cancer are willing to lend a helping hand and support this campaign. I think this is what all cancer patients need in their life - to not feel alone. To feel that they can surpass this disease and together with them, let's share the fight!:)

Ladies in Pink -Cancer survivors with Ms. Faith Fernandez-Mondejar, Avon Head for Asia Pacific Communications and PR

Me, Ruth, Mother Earth and Ana :)

And us, ladies who lunch supporting this amazing campaign!:) 

Like I mentioned above, it doesn't matter if you're young or old. Cancer picks no one. So always make sure you're aware- check for lumps, have a regular checkup with your doctor and try to live a healthy lifestyle. These are just a few ways we can avoid or take precautions from breast cancer. :)

Finally, Jennylyn, Rocco, and Linda are calling everyone to be part of creating a compassionate difference on OCTOBER 10, 2015, Saturday, by joining the Avon Walk and Run events at the SM Mall of Asia Open Grounds. This is the first time ever that the event is happening on a Saturday, a fitting day to celebrate 10 years of the Avon Walk in the Philippines: 10th year on 10/10!

Make each stride significant contribution in battling breast cancer. Walk or run your way from the disease. Do your share in the fight against breast cancer!:) 

To know more about the KGBC campaign, you may visit:


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