Modern Calligraphy with Lai!

by - September 03, 2015

It's the year of the workshops and I couldn't be more happy about it. If I had extra funds all the time, I would want to enroll in different workshops that is sprouting lately - Goal setting, Watercolor, Paper cutting, Lettering and many more! I find it fun, because not only do I learn something new, I can actually apply it in my life. :)

Before August ended, I attended another modern calligraphy workshop, but this time taught by Lai Geluz. Lai has been holding workshops for awhile now and I'm so glad my friend Kim introduced me to her. I want to learn so much more about pen calligraphy, so this was the perfect time!

In case you want to see more of Lai's and Kim's calligraphy, you can view their Instagram: 

And if you're wondering why I wanna learn more about Calligraphy and what happened during Lai's workshop, read more below!

The modern calligraphy that Lai held covered pen and brush. I badly want to learn pen more, so this was the perfect opportunity. :) And why I need to learn more about it? I'm actually teaching calligraphy at a school!! I've been holding back that good news for quite some time now and I can't thank Beb Ana for recommending me to my new found love - teaching! ^_^ We're both club moderators! I really love that calligraphy can actually be a club now at school! So cool!

So, yes, the workshop was held at Cafe De Seoul, Taft. I was happy that it was pretty near my place  and at a cafe too! Another thing to be excited was my classmate that day was Ana! Yey!

Our beautiful curated kit! I also love the personal touch that Lai added - making each of us a personalized bracelet! I super love the attention to detail! ^_^

Our classmates for the day were almost all from the field of science! It's really amazing how workshops can bring different people together. :)

Lai's approach is the old school way with no powerpoint or gadgets in the way. I love her way. After all, we are learning about the art of writing. :)

As Lai gave us a brief introduction about herself, she also showed us the various materials she uses in Calligraphy and her art-related work.

Some of Lai's brushes. I already have the water brush. What I'm eyeing on next is the 0 and 00 watercolor brushes. :)

Time for drills! Beb Ana loves the pen/nib as her calligraphy tool. 

Lai teaching us the basic strokes using the nib :)

As a teacher, Lai was very patient with us and hands-on. She makes an effort to see that we're all learning. She went to each student to see their individual progress. :)

The 3 Cs: Cake, Coffee and Calligraphy!

I think attending calligraphy workshops is a breath of fresh air from all the technology going on. Plus, it elevates any hand-written task. It makes things much more beautiful, don't you think? :)

The next thing Lai taught us was brush calligraphy and how to use masking fluid.

Then for our final project, we had to pick our favorite word or quote and apply what we've learned throughout the workshop. Then, Lai and Kim would pick the best output. :)

So proud that Beb Ana was one of the winners!! Just look at her awesome watercolor + calligraphy skills! One workshop pa lang yan ah! :) Congrats, Beb!!

And to close the workshop..... and literally the cafe! hahaha! Yes, we reached until closing time! >_< We were that engrossed in our project! Class picture!

Thank you so much to Lai and Kim for the awesome workshop! I now feel at ease when using the nib!:) I also had so much fun! 

To know more about Lai's upcoming workshops or artwork, you may visit her site:


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  1. Calligraphy is one of the oldest in the history of printed or visual art. I bought a set of calligraphy pens last year to give this a try and boy, it wasn't easy! I must say it requires a lot of discipline and control (too bad for my shaky hands) and you really have to be in that "artistic state" when you do it. Your mind and hand have to be in perfect harmony to be able to create a piece of beauty. - Jonathan Francis.


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