Paper Potted Blossoms

by - September 28, 2015

When 2014 ended, I mentioned on my Year ender blog entry that it was the year of artsy stuff for me and one of the art related things that I got to do a lot was watch theater shows and museum trips. :) I hoped back then that 2015 will also be filled with art! Fortunately, it has been! :) It's almost the end of  September and i've attended five workshops/artsy events to date! One of which is the Paper Potted Blossoms workshop by Ina held at Puzzles BGC. :)

I've come to know Ina and her workshop because of my good friend Anagon who is also into workshops like me and a fellow artsy girl at heart!:) Unfortunately though, she wasn't able to make it due to her feeling ill that week. :( Hoping to see her in a next workshop on Saturday!:)

Back to this workshop - Ina has awesome skills with a lot of things and glad she was able to share one it with us through her Paper Potted Blossoms. I've never attended anything related to paper-crafting yet, so this was exciting for me. :)

Our overflowing and wonderfully curated kit by Ina...

A canvas tote bag that has Ina's calligraphy artwork | 2015 calendar made by Ina | Cool Girls Club notebook and patch | bracelet that has Ina's favorite saying - "Live life w/ color" | colored papers | paper and pot templates | 3.1 Crave single-stem brownette

Those were the really neat stuff we got from Ina and we were definitely all grateful for it! :) It's actually one of the things I look forward to at workshops - discovering the different ways they thoughtfully prepare our materials. :)

Like I mentioned, Ina is really talented and just look at those paper flowers that she made above! How I wish I was that good already! >_< But of course, practice makes perfect, so more more practice!

What we did at the workshop...

Ina teaching us the basics :)

 The first order of business was to cut out colored papers with the help of the templates that Ina designed and made for us. :) Our first project was to make a pot and succulent!

Cutting paper was my favorite thing to do as a kid. My Mom would even buy me bulks of construction paper just so I would have stocks at home. I practically used it for all my crafts. 

The workshop took us about 3 hours and through that Ina was very nice, patient and accommodating to all our queries. :) I also loved how encouraging she was!

Aside from are already lovely materials, we were also served yummy food at Puzzles. :) The chicken was super good!! ^_^ 

After our break - I think it only took us 15 minutes haha! We immediately went back up to finish our succulents. Some of us didn't even want to go on a break, because we were so fixated on doing our paper plant!:)

But finally, here's my finished work!

I also learned how to do a flower at the workshop, but wasn't able to start on mine. But I can't wait to try it at home!:) I still have Ina's teaching in mind and heart!:)

I had so much fun learning something new from Ina and incase you want to know more about Ina's work or attend her workshops - not limited to just Paper Potted Blossoms, you can visit her site :) She's also launching her 2016 calendar soon, so better watch out for that too!

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