PPSG: Fly and Learn Promo!

by - September 29, 2015

The Progress Pre-School GOLD Fly and Learn promo is almost to an end and I wanna encourage my fellow parents to join! September 30 is the day! Last chance! Who knows, you might be the lucky family that gets to win the all-expense paid trip for 4 at the National Geographic Museum at Washington D.C. :)

Oh and just wanna share some fun facts from the Indiana Jones exhibit!

1:28: Length of the welcome message recorded by Harrison Ford on the tablet they give you to help guide you along.

2: Bullwhips, including the one used by River Phoenix in The Last Crusade.

12: Shot glasses from the drinking-contest scene at Marion Ravenwood’s bar.

3': Approximate length of the Ark (well, the prop, anyway).

 Approximate height of Indiana Jones (harrison ford), based on the costumed mannequins on display.

4': Approximate height of Short Round, based on his mannequin.

You can know more about the Fly and Learn Promo at http://www.multipleintelligence.com.ph/ :)
Visit https://www.facebook.com/progresspreschoolgold for more information!

Don't miss out on this! :) 


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