Pretty in pink

by - September 05, 2015

Top: Maldita
Skirt: SM Woman
Heels: Zalora

When you suddenly forget to take a decent OOTD and the mall starts to close, you pick the place where there is still enough light. In my case, it was the parking lot! haha!=P Fail! But its been forever since my last outfit post and since we were asked to wear formal during the Samsung S Carpet event, I knew I just had to take this opportunity to take pictures. :)

Last week was busy for me since it's a new term for me already and I have to fix my class schedule. But finally that's done and I can concentrate on other things. Though the only thing I don't like about this term is that I have a Saturday class. :( 

BTW, I started vlogging again! I don't update as frequent as I do on my blog since I'm just starting. But please do visit my channel! I'm working on having a permanent schedule for new videos. Maybe once every two weeks. :) Here's the link: :)

Anyhoo, had a great family day with my boys today. Hope you all had a nice day too!


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  1. Your OOTD is super dainty and pretty. I especially love the top! Looks so vintage :D

  2. I love your outfit! At ang pretty ng skirt. Mahanap nga yan sa SM Dept. Hihi. Btw, will surely check out your Youtube channel. :)


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