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by - January 28, 2016

Being parents for 7 years now, it is evident that we have gone through a lot of parties and doing tons of stuff for the kids. But never have we actually planned a birthday party for them, because usually the restaurants that we book already have a standard theme and all we have to do is basically show up and everything there will be prepared already. We've done Active Fun, Jollibee, Racks and Shakey's. All have been great, but again, we didn't plan anything. The restaurant did that for us. :)

Last year, Athan turned 7 and Asher 3 years old. Those two are the crucial age for boys to have their birthday parties and I suggested to my husband to just give them one big party instead of separately to lessen expenses. You have to be practical and I know the kids will enjoy a big party more than having it done separately, but on a smaller scale. 

The only catch though, their birthday is far from each other - Athan is May and Asher is November. So, we thought of doing it on December, but immediately shifted to January, because realistically speaking, no one would have time on December. Every one of our guests would be busy and most likely out of town. So, January 9, 2016 it was for us and Lego themed! :)

How did we plan it? :)

I have to thank Pinterest for this one! If it's your first time to plan a party for your kids, you can get tons of ideas from Pinterest and even pin your favorites so you won't forget them!:) This app was really helpful all throughout my planning. I downloaded the app on my phone and would type "Lego themed party" on the search bar and a lot of photos will appear. Pinterest is a great way to find inspiration. 

This is how my board looks like...

There are plenty of extravagant ways to plan a Lego themed party, but I went for the more D.I.Y. kind, because I really wanted the kids to have a personalized party. I planned two games, coloring activity, made Lego Minifigures from scratch and arranged the loot bags. :) My Mom and Aunt also baked a fondant cake for the kids aside from us also buying a cake for the boys. :)

The venue that we chose for their double celebration is Aristocrat Manila. The one found on Roxas Boulevard. We picked the place, because they have big function rooms, known and trusted for their good food and their price was able to fit our budget. We expected 70 people for our party and they gave us a room that could accommodate a 100. How perfect, right?

And yes, Aristocrat also has their own themes, but when we requested that we wanted it to focus on our Lego theme, they didn't hesitate one bit. Of course, we just had to pick a theme from them that is close to Lego, so we picked the Race Car one. :) But you know what I love about them? Their attention to detail. We told them we only wanted specific colors for the balloon, which was Blue, Red and Yellow (Lego colors) and I was surprised upon getting to the venue that they also had the table cloth, stage carpet, loot bags from their end and table covers in Blue and Red! ^_^

Their side of the setup was just perfect! :)

Now, of course we added our Lego touches to finish it up!

For the balloons, we sticked Lego eyes and mouth on to make them look like Lego heads. I was able to print them out via online. You can easily search them on Pinterest or Google. :)

And I know this may sound vain, but I am so proud of the loot bags! I really worked hard on it. I drew and cut a Lego shape head from cardboard to act out as a stencil head and the Hubby helped me cut 20 pieces from yellow Carolina. From there, I drew the faces individually. There are about 5 expressions, I think? Hehe. :) And each bag is designed uniquely for either a boy, girl or unisex. The girl Lego head is obviously for the girls, the guy with sunnies/smiling Lego head is for boys. While the shocked one peeking at the bag can either be for a boy or a girl, so the distribution would be easier. :) 

Inside the bag is one box of Lego mini figure that we bought from Greenhills, but you can also buy at Divisoria. I heard they have bigger discounts there if you buy in bulk. :) We also had Lego block eraser, stickers and lastly, two mini figure crayons! Sorry I won't be able to take a photo of the other content cos I clumsily and didn't have any sleep before the big day, so I forgot to take photos of them. :( But these are some of the crayons I made using a Lego molder! :)You can buy them at the Lego Store at Kidzania, BGC.

Oh and I also made the banner infront of the loot bag! I got the Birthday Minifigure from Google and replaced them with Athan and Asher's head! Hihihi!

I used the app PicsArt on my phone to merge the Birthday Minifigure and the cute head of the boys to it. :) You'll be surprised on the many things you can do now on your phone! I didn't even need photoshop on my desktop to accomplish all these!

I initially made the banner for it to be printed as a tarp. But I wasn't able to find one at the last minute, so I just printed 20 pieces and stuck them on the bag. We also printed two of their mini figures (around two inches in size) for the first game and hid them in different parts of the room and the guests had to find four of these. :)

Also had printed out coloring sheets!

Photo from Beb Ana!

Which was a hit with the kiddos! Glad they liked it! Placed the crayons on the Lego cup we got at McDonalds before as a Happy Meal! ;) 

The Hubby also created Lego Numbers on base plates - 3 for Asher and 7 for Athan!

And the two beautiful cakes! The left one is a homemade fondant cake by Mom. She worked on it day and night and topped it off with really cool construction themed Legos. I just assisted in decorating the Athan and Asher on it using edible pen!:) The Lego Head cake, we had made by a former college friend of mine that now runs a cake business - The Pixie Baker. Her works are amazing and she delivers promptly! We're beyond happy with the cake!

Next up, the other game that I had was "Guess how many Legos in the Jar" :) A lot of people tried guessing and this was mainly targeted for the adults. 

We chose the winner according to the closest number. There are 70 bricks inside the jar and the closest guess was 69! 

Another creation that my Mom slaved on is her cream cheese cupcakes! A sure hit with the guests that some even took home the extra cream cheese she brought! ^_^

Our host was from Aristocrat and again, happy with how they make things work! I don't know if it was intentional or not, but he came in this orange jumpsuit that made him look like Emett from The Lego Movie! Love it!:)

Basically, to plan a Lego themed party, you do your research and if you want things to work out the way you envision them, try doing D.I.Y. or Do it Yourself! Do cut-outs, design stuff yourself and I'm pretty sure you'll bring out the best in the party!:)

But of course, no party would ever be complete without the wonderful people you can share it with!

Photo from Beb Ana!:)

Thank you so much again to our family and friends who shared this milestone with us. Our babies are growing up so fast and we're glad to have good people in our lives to witness them grow. :) We're over the moon with the birthday party and so happy everything turned out well! 

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