Nivea Sun Summer Kick-off: Day 1

by - February 02, 2016

Growing up, my summer vacations would always be spent going to Taiwan to see my Mom and be there for at least a month. That was a no fail summer routine since I was 4 years old. But when I turned 22, it stopped because of personal reasons and cos the little bub a.k.a. Asher came into our lives. I had to take a break from doing trips. But basically, my life was all about Taiwan during summer. I never got the chance to see the beauty of the other side of the Philippines. So, when I got invited by Nivea Sun to Bohol for their Summer kick-off, how can I say no?? I have never been to Bohol and going there would be a great start to my 2016 adventure! ^_^

*WARNING* Photo heavy! >_<

Our call time was 7:00 AM, but flight was still at 9AM. I got at the airport at the said call time. :) I was afraid to be left behind, so even if I lived nearby, I made sure I was at Terminal 2 at 7 sharp! Finally, we were allowed to board at 8:50AM. Though our airplane was quite far from us, so we still had to take a bus going there. It was just 5 minutes away.

Bus mates with these gals - Camie, Pax and Ana!

Ugh... what's with my face?? Lol! =P

And there is our plane!! Yey! :)

I only had an hour of sleep before this trip, so my ultimate goal was to snooze as soon as I got on the plane. It was an hour and 15 minutes flight and I didn't know the people sitting next to me, so it was perfect! I figured by the time I woke up, we would have landed already....


When we were so close to landing at Tagbilaran (Bohol) airport, it was so foggy! The pilot had zero visibility of the track, so we our flight got diverted and we landed at Mactan (Cebu) airport for safety, because the weather was just really bad. The rain would not stop. It took us about an hour or so to get back on the air. I was so bored to death. I doodled on my planner, listened to music and ended up sleeping again. 

 And the duration of waiting was spent in the plane. Boo! But what could we do? We had to stay put, because we were awaiting news of whether we could fly or not.

We were suppose to be in Bohol by 10:30 AM, but we were only able to go back to our flight at 12:50! >_<

Finally! After so much delay and heart-stopping turbulence.... HELLO, BOHOL!!! :) What a beautiful view! This got me so excited for the beach! Oh! I forgot to mention that I got a window seat this time, so I really made sure that I didn't go stingy on the photos!

Since our flight was already three hours delayed, we rode the bus with our luggages in tow and made our way to our first stop....

Sarah, Pax, Ana and my luggage :)

Pax, Sarah, Me, AJ, Paul and Ana :)

Nivea Sun had around 100+ people (editors, bloggers, and personalities), so there were two buses and so happy I was with these guys! :) Never a dull moment in the bus with them!

First stop was the Bohol Bee Farm! I heard that this is one of the nice tourist spots in Bohol. The Bohol Bee Farm is a very beautiful and relaxing place in Panglao Island. :)

 As soon as we got in the Bee Farm, we already saw Nivea Sun signs welcoming us and giving us important tips in protecting our skin! One of which was that 'Cloudy days don't stop UV rays.' To be honest, I wasn't really knowledgeable about that. All the while, I thought if the sun wasn't out, I didn't really need to put sun protection. Oops! :(

Good thing Nivea Sun always comes prepared and while we were enjoying our delicious lunch and scenery, they left these different Nivea Sun Protections for our free use!:) 

Nivea Sun, the most caring sun protection ensures immediate sun protection with its highly effective UVA and UVB filter system, Advanced Collagen Protect which protects skin's collagen and helps prevent wrinkles caused by sun exposure, long-lasting protection, and advanced formula that is water resistant and non-greasy. Nivea Sun has an extensive range of products to cover specific sun care needs to make sure you have complete protection and a great sunny moment. :)

My favorite variant to use was the Nivea Sun Protect & Moisture with SPF 50 PA++. But it's also available in SPF 30 PA ++. It's perfect for enjoying outdoor activities and it not only protects your skin, but also keeps it moisturized. :) No need to worry about skin allergies and premature skin aging because the non-greasy products can offer deep and long-lasting moisture up to 24 hours. I had this in my bag the whole trip!

Thank you, Nivea and Bohol Bee Farm for the lovely organic lunch! Yum!

Our host for the entire trip - Louis!

 "For more than a hundred years, NIVEA's commitment to providing effective and trusted skincare for all remains constant. Summer is a very exciting season and we hope that everybody gets to fully enjoy their sunny moments with the most caring protection of NIVEA Sun." - Konstantin Stremme (NIVEA Philippines country manager)

Even if the weather was gloomy at first, it eventually gave us a little sun and we got to enjoy the beauty of Bohol Bee Farm!

After our little tour around the Bee Farm, we all headed back to the bus to go to Bellevue Pavilion for the Nivea Sun Product session where we learned so much about UVA and UVB and how bad they are for our skin.

Obviously, the college girl in me couldn't be taken out, because I had to take so much notes from the Product session! Hahaha! Diligent! Naks!

And like any class, I have crazy seat mates who can't stop laughing at the funny part of the lecture.. Lol! hahaha! Kulitan pa more! =P

Hi AJ and Paul! haha! ^_^

After the talk, we were divided into our respective groups and frankly, I got too clingy at this point, because I didn't want to leave my blogger friends! Huhuhu! I wanted to be group mates with the people I'm used to and of course, close with. But you know, after the activities we went through ( which i'll be blogging soon), I'm really glad Nivea Sun grouped me with new people, because I got to meet and be close with new faces!

There was a game, of course, but our group didn't win. Nevertheless it was fun! The three groups that tied in score had to do a tie breaker. The task was the best sunny moments photo!

Team B3? I think? Haha sorry!

It was so fun watching them smother sun screen on themselves! :) It showed how competitive they were and at the same time, they were having fun! Team B3 won, BTW! Congrats!

After a long, but fun day, we all headed to check-in at Bellevue Hotel, our home for 3-days! So surprised we were welcomed with a dance crew! What a welcome! Thank you, Bellevue Hotel, Bohol!

Photo before getting our bags!

While waiting for our luggages to unload the bus, we also lined up to get our hotel card and find out who are roommates were going to be. I was nervous for this! Haha! Suspense!

But I had nothing to get scared about, because my roommate was none other than...

Beb Anagon! Yey!! We've been Bellevue roomies twice already! It's destiny Lol! ^_^ 

And as if we aren't pampered enough, NIVEA Sun surprises us with these...

We are so prepared for any land or water adventure with these!!! Thank you, NIVEA!

After resting for a few minutes and settling our stuff, we went down for dinner. :)

Dinner with my favorite people: Pax, Trice, Seph and Ana :)

Ended the night with a walk on the beach, little drinking session with the blogger friends and a good night's sleep cos we had to wake up at 5:00AM the next day!:)

That ends my Day 1 in Bohol! Can't wait to share with you guys Day 2!

BTW, Do you guys like my new layout?? ^_^ It took me two years before changing it again and I can't thank my Twin Megann Jabola enough for being so patient with me all throughout the process and giving me her time! :) It's more minimalist now, but still retained the artsy-feel!

Artsy Ava

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