Christmas + New Year's Eve 2015!

by - January 01, 2016

Page 1 of 366! The cliché title for most of us today and it cannot be helped! There are just a lot of things to get excited for this year and I'm hoping to blog more personal things as this year goes. I noticed that most of my content last year were events and project related and that's not bad at all. It's my work and livelihood, so I'm not complaining. I just miss having more personal stuff on this blog, because it's not Artsy Fartsy Ava for nothing. I want it to reflect my art side, events, fashion, family and more. I even didn't have time to blog about my birthday last April! Imagine that! :( So, I'm hoping I can keep up with my 2016 planner and blog posts this time around! *Wish me luck!* Haha! >_<

To start my personal entries, this is about how we spent our Christmas 2015 and NYE. :)

Unlike most families, Christmas isn't really celebrated much in our family. It has been that way since I was born. It only changed when I got married and with the kids, I usually go to my in-laws and celebrate December 24-25 there where we have our Noche Buena, go to church and open gifts. :)

Even though I spend Christmas at my in-laws, my mom never fails to cook a dish or two for me to bring over there. Just like this December 2015, she made Chicken Thai salad and Apple cake (not in photo). :) We also had chicken and spaghetti care of our dear Nanay Lucing at my in-laws!:) Yum!

The kids also opened their gifts from me and their Daddy!:) This is the best part for us, seeing their happy reactions! 

This Christmas was also special, because my sister-in-law Ate Maine came home to be with us for the holidays! On her first day home we went to Greenhills. 

It was definitely a Christmas well spent with my second family!:)

As for New Year, that's when my side of the family really celebrate!:) This is the time when we open gifts and my Mom, Lola and Aunt cook a lot!

Keeping up with the tradition of stuffing the stockings. The one Athan is holding actually belonged to me when I was little. Now, it's his. :) It's nice to see that both my boys are happy with their gifts from Santa a.k.a. my Mom! Haha! They don't read my blog yet, so they won't find out! =P Lol!

My humble family. :)

My mom never fails to spruce up our home with all the merry cheers of Christmas once she's home. :) As you can see, everything is bursting in red or green! 

Athan also made a cute Christmas card for my Mom. :) I love his creativity!

Since most of the adults had their gift giving already, the kids did most of the gift opening this time. :) We also watched a few fireworks and stayed up until 4AM to enjoy some good old family bonding. :)

And that is how we spent our Christmas + New Year's Eve 2015! I hope you all had a splendid one as well!:)



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  1. I'm seeing an old photo of you! Hehe. Beautiful then and now. Happy New Year!

  2. Oooh!! Haha my old prom pic! Thank you, Glaiza!! <333


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