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by - January 21, 2016

I remember when I entered high school, we turned away from boiling the water from the faucet as our drinking water, because it was deemed unsafe. Reason why the business of water stations from then on really boomed. Personally, we have been buying water stations for more than a decade. It may just be Php 30 a jug, but it can get expensive since Asher is still bottle-feeding when it comes to his milk and our family is just really big on drinking water. 

But what made us change into Unilever's Pureit?

You have to watch this first...

After I saw this, I was totally grossed out. I'm not saying all water stations do this. But being a mom, I am concerned with what my children drink and would always want them safe. Germs and viruses are a big NO-NO and I didn't imagine that it could actually be passed down to them by simply drinking water.

With Pureit, you know how your water gets cleaned and purified. You feel secured that your children will drink the water that you prepared at home. Also, Pureit doesn't simply just filter water, but it also disinfects the water and kills all harmful bacterias. For more FAQs you can visit: http://www.pureitwater.com/PH/faqs/ :)

Like I mentioned, we spend Php 30 per jug when buying at water stations. But did you know with Pureit, you only spend Php 13 per gallon? 

With Pureit, you no longer have to spend on water almost every week or wait for deliveries - You can save. It carries 9 liters of safe water and it takes two years from the date of manufacturing before the Germ kit expires.

I'm really glad my family has made this change and with the same brand that my family and I have trusted for years - Unilever. 

How about you? When will you make the change for the safety of your family?

Visit http://www.pureitwater.com/PH/ for orders and more information. :)


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