First for 2016!

by - January 20, 2016

Top: from sister-in-law
Shorts: Bayo
Sandals: Zalora
Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs

So, this is my first OOTD post for the year! Well, not officially when it comes to posting on Instagram! But for the blog, it is! :) I think i've already posted a total of three there? Including this. :) These weren't even well thought of shots, because the Hubby and I were waiting for our GrabCar and I suddenly thought, 'Why not take my OOTD right here, right now!' Just a random thought! Lol! =P

And I just noticed now, Hello AlDub! Haha! =P

So, what's new? Well, nothing aside from the usual. I've been busy with school, because of my major subjects, thesis and blogging events have started coming around again, and the calligraphy club that I teach. We're planning on doing an exhibit on March to benefit a charity, so my students and I are busy brainstorming! :) Excited for it!

Aside from that, I am ecstatic to announce that my blog will finally have a new look! ^_^ I'll be launching it either January 30 or February 1. Not sure yet. But after two years, I'm changing it! I love this current layout of mine so much that I decided not to change it since I launched it last February 14, 2013 (if I remember correctly?). My layouts are forever made by my twin Megann Jabola a.k.a. STYLE SURGERY. Not only do I love her creativity, but she's the only one I trust. :) Do check out her blog! She has an amazing content!

And that's it! I hope they'll be more OOTD posts to come after this! Wish me luck! Haha! Have a great week ahead, everyone!


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  1. Aww, yay! Thank you for the shoutout! :) I'm excited to launch the new design! :) xx


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