Nivea Sun Summer Kick-off: Day 2!

by - February 06, 2016

I honestly still have a Bohol hangover. I really miss our fun three days there! :) Bitin! I wish it lasted at least four days or a week! But all good things must come to an end. Thankfully though I have my blog entries to reminisce in anytime I want. :)

 Bohol Adventure with Nivea Sun Day 2!

As mentioned in my Day 1 post, we had to get up at 5:00 AM the next day to prepare for our respective group activities - The groups were divided into LAND vs. WATER activities. I was assigned to WATER. :)

We had breakfast at around 6:00 AM and after that we all geared up in our Nivea Sun shirts and brought along our waterproof Nivea bag (I love this bag so much! Can't wait to use it on my next beach trip!) + my Nivea Sun Protect & Moisture with SPF 50 that comes in a small tube, so it's easy to travel with. Just toss it in your bag! You always have to be prepared!

At around 7:00 AM, we boarded our bus to go to our water activity that was held at the Bohol Beach Club. It was gloomy when we got there and started raining at first, but you can't deny that the beach is just gorgeous!

Presenting my awesome Nivea teammates - Christian Busby, Manica Tiglao, Karl Presentacion, and Seph Garcia and Joanna Robles. We also have two other girls, but I couldn't find them at the time this was taken. :( But so glad to be group mates with these hardworking people!

There were four things to accomplish for the Water activity:

1. Banana Boat
2. Water Bee Paddling
3. Ball transferring without using our hands
4. frisbee

All had a goal of getting the flag or getting all three frisbees in the hoop. :)

Since the weather at first was difficult, we had to cancel dolphin watching and our Water Bee paddling activity due to low tide. As an alternative, we ran to a certain flag in the water wearing aqua shoes. Too bad I didn't have much photos from our activity cos it was raining at first, but at the end of the day, the sun cooperated and came out to play! Yey! ^_^

Whether cloudy or sunny, we all enjoyed our water activities with the protection of NIVEA Sun! :) No to harmful UV rays!

If you're the type who's afraid to get dark, you can now play under the sun confidently without worrying of skin darkening with the NIVEA Sun Protect & White range. With its Active Whitening Complex, these products help reduce skin pigmentation and melanin production to effectively lighten the skin and prevent uneven skin tone.

And when it comes to the skin, one need not compromise protection for aesthetics. For those who desire that amazing sun-kissed glow and a natural, even tan, use NIVEA Sun Protect & Bronze Spray. Unlike skin colorants or self tanning products, it offers protection from the sun's harmful rays while supporting the skin's own natural tanning process by stimulating melanin production, giving you a natural bronzed glow. :)

Once you've applied your favorite or chosen Nivea Sun protection, there's only one thing left to do....

Have fun under the sun!!! ^_^ Wuhooooo!!

Photo from Mommy Janice! :)

It was nice that even if we couldn't use the WaterBee during the Water games, we actually were still able to play around with it. They just had to bring it to the middle of the sea where the water was much higher. :) Had so much fun paddling with Janice of Mommy Mundo!

Basking under the palm trees! I can do this everyday! 

Spotted quite a few starfish. The beach was filled with different kinds! But this was my favorite from the lot! :) And the water at The Bohol Beach Club is so clear! This picture doesn't even look like the starfish is submerged in water. It's as if it's just sitting on rocks outside of water, right??

Photo from Janice :)

After almost three hours at The Bohol Beach club, we all headed back to Bellevue Hotel for yet another activity! But i'll save that for another post! This is quite long already. :) Day 2 part 2 soon!

It was a really fun day and I didn't have to worry nor think about sunburn, because I know I was well protected by NIVEA Sun. It was just all about summer time fun!:)

For more information about NIVEA SUN, visit: :)

If you want to read what happened during Day 1, click >>>HERE<<<< 

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  1. That's a very fun event! I remember attending Nivea's event partnered with SlidefestPH. It was a really fun event too. They gave away sunscreen and I used it until our family outing in Batangas late last year. It was my first time to use the Nivea Sun Protect White and was really surprised at the results. Now, my family bought bigger sizes ready to use for the upcoming summer activities. :)

    Louise |

    1. Same here! Nivea is my go-to sunblock!:) Hope you'll have a great summer vacation!


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