ART FAIR 2016 part 1!

by - March 05, 2016

I know Art Fair Philippines has been happening every year, but I never had the chance to go to any of them because it's either I wasn't aware it was happening this certain month, where it's held, what the exact dates are or I simply just had no time. This year though, upon seeing the sign at The Link, while  my husband was buying Buddy's Pancit, I made sure to take a snap shot of the dates - February 18-21, 2016 and marked it on my planner! No way I was going to miss it again! :)

The first day of Art Fair was on a Thursday and I was fortunate that I didn't have an event after my teaching job, so I knew I was going straight there. I also invited my good friend Ana and thankfully she also didn't have anything to do aside from a salon appointment. She tagged me along to that and after that, off we went!

Sharing with you guys some of the ones that caught my fancy. :)

This is so beautiful. I wasn't sure if it was paper? But it certainly did remind me of paper-cutting. :) I have the feeling though it's paper. I clumsily forgot to check the tag beside it, because the exhibit was going to close at 9PM and we got there at 8:15! I was trying absorb as many as I could Haha!

Also chanced upon this awesome work that at first just seems like a bunch of 'bakya' or slippers in a circle, but checking it up close, the artist turned the soles into stamps!

Super amazed! I recently learned how to make rubber stamps and it's a bit of a challenge, but fun! However, this one is just Wow! See the sample of the stamp on the paper above! 

I love how the Art Fair was a mix of different artists and their chosen medium. It wasn't just limited to paint or canvases. :)

There were some that you could interpret in so many ways, because they were in a beautiful mess.

While some were so serene that you just want to stare at it the whole time. :)

Hail to the Ms. Universe, Ms. Pia Wurtzback! The artist must really love her! ^_^

Beb Ana and I also spotted this cool grass-like (made out of cloth) space that people can just sit on and chill. 

The Pondering at life kunwari pose! Lol! ^_^

And a glimpse at one of our favorite exhibit - Van Gogh is Bipolar!

You have to go inside the door to see the works of the artist and this space totally reminded me of Alice in Wonderland and felt like I was in the Mad Hatter's house, because the place was just crazy! Strands of thread everywhere and there was an area where we had to bend down if you didn't want to get caught up in the web of threads to get to the other side. But I enjoyed the madness!

Another favorite of mine are these pencil sculptures! So unique and at least the smaller pencils won't go to waste anymore. :)

Under ground party! I would be terrified to find rats under our table, but these are just adorable!

Ended the night looking at this infinite work of Mark Justiniani. :)

There were still so many artworks that I wanted to see, but the guards started telling us that it was time to go and they were actually closing the lights. But I came back again on the last day with my best friends to see the ones that I missed out on. I'll save that for my next post! :)

Hope you enjoyed viewing some of the artworks that I liked. Can't wait for Art Fair 2017!!

Artsy Ava

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  1. I was planning to go to the Art Fair but the dates.. Ugh. Your photos look so good. I especially like the sandals being used as a stamp! That was so creative.

    Love, Richel. | Richel Goes Places

  2. Awesome stuff Art Fair Philippines! What an inspiring article!

  3. I missed the Mark Justiniani one! My friend was pointing me to that direction but it slipped my mind. Sobrang inggit lang ako sa mga photos. :(


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