#Brew2016: Cup Art Installation

by - March 07, 2016

If you read my entry about 'Brew Your Best Masterpiece', you would know that The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Cup Art Installation happened last Saturday and boy was it super fun! ^_^ I never had this much fun at an art related event ever! Well, the ones I've been to in the past are fun, but this one by far made my heart really happy. :)

Before heading to the huge cup at the Activity Pod 3 of Bonifacio High Street, we all gathered at the CBTL nearby to have the program first. Also a bit of tutorial on how we will be working on the huge CBTL cup. We had to work on the 'Brew Your Best Year' tagline for this. :)

And we were taught by none other than one of the best street/graffiti artists in our local scene, JJ Zamoranos a.k.a. EXLD Manila! He showed us the basics on stencil-making, how to use the spray can when doing graffiti and how to make stickers. :) It was super cool and he was so supportive all throughout the art activity!

For the designing of the cup, we were divided into groups and again, I was hesitant with this because I'm quite clingy with the people I'm close with. But again, I was proven that there is nothing wrong to mingle with new people, because my teammates were beyond awesome! So happy that I got the chance to be grouped with these people. ^_^ Yey to new and old faces!

We had to come up with a theme that matched the 'Brew Your Best Year' tagline and we came up with TRAVEL. :) So with that, we conceptualized the design that we wanted to put on the cup. :) We had the work divided pretty well - Some would draw, another would stencil, and other would color!

Off to the cup!

Beb Ana and I trying to think of the best spot for us to start working on. Pencil, Pencil muna! ^_^

Beb Ana painting the lines for our paper plane :)

For my contribution, I worked on doing modern calligraphy for the travel destinations, like Manila,  New York, Paris, London and our last destination, the Moon! ;) Also did the spraying of the stencils that Kuya Karl Presentacion made.

A glimpse of the other teams work-in-progress!

Adding the last few touches to our TRAVEL design. Super kudos to Yohan for the mad drawing skills! I couldn't draw the places on my calligraphy, so thank goodness he saved me! Haha! He also did the astronaut having CBTL on the moon! Our final destination! Kuya Karl also made the geo tracker stencil! My other girl (sorry wasn't able to catch her name :( ) groupmate was super good in painting. She managed to cover up the mistakes we did. Mistakes happen! But love how it turned out like a beautiful mess!

A view of the other teams amazing and wonderful designs!

My super creative and talented Teammates - or what was left of us! Haha! We were originally eight! But some had to go already. :)

We started around 3PM and finished at 6:30PM. I couldn't stop staring at it when we were done. It just made me so happy and I can't believe we pulled it off! This is my first ever huge collaborative artwork and again, it was a pleasure working with my teammates!

Also, thank you so much to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf team for coming up with this and for having me. I forever love CBTL, not just for their food and beverages, but also for always encouraging the artsy or creativity in me. :) Definitely a great start to MARCH and perfect addition to brewing my best year!

Much love, CBTL!! Oh and in case you pass by Bonifacio High Street and see this, hope you can tag me on Instagram or Twitter!! Hihihi! ^_^ 

How about you, guys? How will you Brew Your Best Year? :) I'd love to know more about it!


Artsy Ava

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  1. Awwww great post, Ava! I'm so happy you had fun despite the heat! You were top of mind talaga when we were conceptualizing this hehe. I LOVE THE FINISHED OUTPUT, I also love that you included the moon as a travel destination. No limits talaga hehe. Love you!! :)

    1. Thank you so much, Krissy! It's truly flattering that I'm on top of your mind for this! I'm just beyond happy! :)

  2. That's really cool! I wish I had known about this sooner! I would have loved to be part of this.

    Julia Antoinette

  3. I enjoyed this and hope there's more in the future. :) Let's collaborate! :)


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