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by - March 09, 2016

Growing up in a family that was never concerned about makeup or any beauty related stuff, it is safe to say that I am no makeup guru or skin expert. I only learned how to apply makeup on when I started attending events back in 2010 and I was already 21 years old then. Some girls can put makeup with their eyes close at an early age of 10 or even younger! You can see a lot of those on YouTube. But as for me, at 21, my main go-to makeup was only your basic black eyeliner and lipstick. I also don't know anything about facials whatsoever and never allowed any beauty establishment to touch my face. The only beauty regimen I have is to clean my face with pure water once I get home. During my teen years,  people come up to me and actually praise my skin. They often say that I don't need really need to put makeup or have anything done, because it's clear. I felt invisible!

Now, I'm in my late 20s and to be honest, since I've entered this term of my college life, I have been experience a whole lot of stress due to thesis and it's taking a major toll on me and it has been evident on my forehead. My once flawless face started getting pimples frequently due to me sleeping really late and not to mention bad eating habits. There's no escaping junk food when you enter college. Hence, more zits! :( 

My life lately is made up of stress and whole lot of it. It's just something I can't avoid at this point in time, because college is a part of life and without accomplishing hard steps, I won't graduate. Aside from that, I have my part-time jobs and family to take care of on a daily basis, so things can get tiring. I think as you get older, these things just happen - your face gets weary and sick. Lets also not forget the extreme heat and pollution nowadays that can add up to my already haggard fez! :( I honestly get sad sometimes looking at the mirror and just seeing how my face looks unhealthy. 

So, during my teens and early 20s, if I thought I was invisible and didn't need any facial treatments, I am totally taking it back! Haha! I need to face the fact that I needed some help and I gave myself the chance to try a skin clinic that I've been seeing frequently every time I pass by BGC and on two of my Mommy idols Maggie Wilson and Patty Laurel's Instagram feed - Luminisce. :)

Since this is my first time and I feel like I've deprived my face a lot of love, I indulged in the Luxury Facial of Luminisce. :) My face is in need of major pampering!

FYI - She's not holding an injection. That's a dropper. :)

I have no idea what goes on during a facial treatment, other than they put something on your face. I thought with this treatment, they were going to do a one-time process and it's done! I am totally clueless! This special facial treatment of Luminisce actually took around 40 minutes for me, because they did a lot process and totally pain-free! The Luxury Facial cleans pores and removes bacteria-causing acne, trapped dirt, and excess oil, while minimizing pores up to 2 weeks. 

We did a process called Sonophoresis, where skin-nourishing vitamins are absorbed into the skin. The ultrasound waves seep nutrients into the skin, removing blackheads and whiteheads along the way. I have a lot of blackheads on my nose, so this was super good! After, electric currents safely pass through the skin using a special machine to lift and revitalize the skin. Again, this is painless! Don't be scared about the electric currents. I actually didn't feel a thing. I could sleep throughout this treatment! :)

Finally, an oxygenating machine releases cool, pressurized oxygen into the skin to hydrate and open pores. This was super cold on the face and I enjoyed it. Like a breath of fresh air over and over! :)

I also had the Coquille peel that helps bring back your skin's healthy and youthful glow. Like I said, I am in need of happy skin again cos it's been dull, so using Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA's) derived from natural fruit and food extracts, they effectively normalize the skin's natural exfoliating and hydrating properties by shedding the rough skin and restoring the skin's moisture levels. 

I have never had a facial or allowed anyone to touch my face until I met Dra. Kaycee Reyes of Luminisce and her amazing nurses. They made me realize that I shouldn't be scared of facials or skin clinics. I had this perceived image before that it could possibly ruin my sensitive face. I had the mindset that if Luminisce doesn't give me the outcome that I want, I won't be trying it ever again. But after my Luxury Facial treatment with them, they have gained my trust and the people there have the lightest hands! By that I mean, I never encountered any hurt or even blister on my face after the treatment.

This experience also made me realize that I'm turning 27 years old next month and that I have to start taking care of myself more. In order to take care of others well, I also have to make sure that I am in tip top shape and that means being healthy + happy inside and out! Because all us hardworking, ladies deserve it! :) It's important to invest on your skin!

This is me right after my facial treatment at Luminisce. Sorry about the bags! I'm working on those! >_< When thesis is over, I can starting getting more sleep! But you have to agree that my skin looks clearer and so much better! :)

Its been almost a week since my treatment and my face still looks the same. No rash or irritation! Just great looking skin. I am beyond happy with this experience and don't regret it one bit. 

I also had another procedure done with Luminisce involving my stretch marks. But i'll save that for another post. :)

If you want to know more about Luminisce and their services, you can check out their sites below:

Luminance is located at  2nd floor Mercury Drug Building, 
32nd street, 4th Ave. Fort Bonifacio Global City

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  1. I'm interested about the stretch mark procedure! Can't wait for that post. And btw, you still look awesome kahit you have tired eyes. Hehe. I started getting facial treatments as early as 16 but now that I'm working, I stopped na because I feel like I can take care of my skin more on my own. Different strokes for different folks! Oh and good luck on your thesis, Ava! You deserve a vacation after that! :)


    1. Will blog that soon!! :) Thanks for always dropping by here, Gellie! ♥

  2. How much nagastos mo for this treatment? Also separate payment ba for the lixury facial and coqueel peel?


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