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by - March 31, 2016

Summer and the hottest season of all time is upon us and this is when we find ourselves drinking a lot  and quenching our thirst. But aside from the heat, I actually wanna say that I love summer! It's my favorite season of all time. Everything is bright, colorful and fun! :) Some may love cold weathers, but i'll always be a girl of summer!

And speaking of the warm season! The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is launching their new Iced Sweet Teas and Sweet Tea Ice Blended just in time for summer! :)

The Iced Sweet Teas and the Sweet Tea Ice Blended drinks are a refreshing blend of premium iced teas with infusions of delicious fruit flavors, the perfect send-off for customers craving that sweet summer escapade. 

Sun-worshippers are sure to find their chill with the Iced Tea Sweet Teas, which are served in Passion Fruit, Red Orange, and Swedish Berries flavors. The Passion Fruit and Red Orange Iced Sweet Tea flavors combine the robust Assam black tea with the citrus and tart flavors of passion fruit and blood orange, perfect for those who like to mix sweet flavors with a bit of zest. For those who are looking for caffeine-free refreshments, the Swedish Berries Iced Sweet Tea is a fruity blend of hibiscus flowers, elderberries, and sweet black currants.

I personally love the Passion Fruit for its subtle taste and black tea flavor. I'm obsessed with black tea! Also, it somehow reminds me of my already favorite tea at CBTL -Southern Blend Iced Tea! :)

The Red Orange is personally a tad strong for me in taste, but if you're into something high in flavor, you would like it. :)

The Swedish Berries is something I would recommend to my Mom and friends who can't drink caffeine or for anyone who doesn't like caffeine at all. It also has a light and sweet taste to it. :)

And what better way to enjoy these refreshing Sweet Teas than with delicious CBTL food! My ultimate favorite from their menu is the pasta and GREEK SALAD! I can seriously eat in everyday. 

Enjoying CBTL with my favorite people - Phya, Paul and Beb Ana! :)

For those who are eager to beat the heat with a slush treat, the Sweet Tea Ice Blended drinks are available in Passion Fruit, Red Orange, and Pear Berry flavors. A caffeine free option, the Pear Berry Sweet Ice Blended drink is a delightful Swedish berries fruit infusion that highlights delicious pear and berry notes. :)

BTW, great news to all Swirl Rewards card holders! You get an exclusive preview and first taste of the new Iced Sweet Teas and Sweet Tea Ice Blended drinks at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Open House on April 3, 2016! Taste them for FREE!

I'll definitely spend more (as if I already don't haha!) time in CBTL stores, because I have my comfort food + awesome drinks to look forward to! ^_^

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf will freshly brew teas starting on April 4, 2016!

Stay updated! https://www.facebook.com/coffeebeanphilippines/ :)

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  1. My sisters would love to try those! Looks like it's going to be a date with my two favorite girls soon! ;)



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