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by - March 29, 2016

Today, I realized how super conservative I am when it comes to dressing up, and so is my son. >_<

Nowadays, when an event happens, I don't really go overboard or dress up in fancy outfits. I choose to stay in a laid-back or casual chic attire. But I must admit that I can't help but notice how lovely the crop top trend is - the decent looking ones, mind you. Not the exaggerated hanging ones that you can already see the sensitive parts of your body. There are crop tops out there that have a tasteful look to them and I really love how they look on some fashion bloggers.

Now, I have a fear of showing my tummy area cos of my stretch marks so I never really tried the trend. But then I saw this really striking red crop top at Forever 21 and it's the first time I got attracted to something THAT red. Contrary to Chinese beliefs of loving red, I normally don't like it + it's crop!

[Photo by: Earth Rullan]

Top & Pants: Forever 21
Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Heels: Parisian

But something just really got me hooked on this top, so I got it! But even if it's cropped, I wore high waisted pants just so my belly won't be seen. But even my highest of high waist pants can't cover it fully. So, yeah, I had to bear showing around an inch of skin and I kept pulling my shirt down! Lol! =P Even when we were at the grocery, my eldest son would say, "Mom, I can see a bit of your back" Haha! Conservative boy! But its just because he's not used to be wearing a crop top. I'm sure some of you may be baffled cos it's not really showing much of my skin, but I'm reacting so much. I'm just really that iffy about it! Haha! But I did love how these two match perfectly. :)

Anyhow, how was Holy week for you, guys?? I managed to finally do a Bisita Iglesia for the very first time with the Hubby. He used to do this before with his family, but this is my first and glad I was able to experience it with him. :) Aside from that, we also fulfilled our yearly procession tradition last Good Friday. :)

My schedule has been crazy lately, but I'm glad it's productive. Can't wait for this term to be over! My graduation is coming along real soon and I'm praying hard all goes well! Wish me luck!

Wishing you all a great week ahead! March is ending!! Eeeeeep!!

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