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by - March 12, 2016

If there are two kinds of drinks that I have almost every month, it would have to be coffee and tea. During my teen years, I got introduced to earl grey a.k.a. black tea by mom and ever since it has remained my favorite. Come college, I have come to love iced coffee. It's a necessity in life and I'm always on the lookout for new places to indulge my coffee or tea needs. :)

And what could be perfect than a place that provides both kinds of drinks + has the cutest interiors + pastel themed. Guys, PASTEL +TEA! Seriously? How can you not love Sweetea's by DA.U.DE?? 

DA.U.DE Tea Corporation is known for their exotic teas crafted by tea masters and has expanded Sweetea's to two new locations in Quezon City and Clark, Angeles. Since I won't be going to Pampanga anytime soon, I'm glad SM City North EDSA is just an MRT ride away from my house, because I get to visit their newest branch. :) They have one in SM Megamall Food Hall as well, but it's a stall. If you want a fun place to hangout with your friends, you can go to Sweetea's at the G/F of The Block. :)

The soft opening of Sweetea's was super cute! They had a Mad Hatter and if you ring his bell, he would give you a free drink! ^_^ People were really into it!

Of course, I had to have my moment with him. The Mad Hatter is my favorite character from Alice in Wonderland and this event is just the perfect match! I can hear the March Hare in my head screaming, "Tea! Tea! You must not be late for tea!" or "A very unbirthday to you!" Haha! :)

Sweetea's offers fine quality, custom teas at pocket-friendly price points, with the aim of sparking greater appreciation for tea locally. So, if you're thinking that Sweetea's is Japanese or Korean, it's not! It's homegrown and proudly local! ^_^ 

Aside from them serving tea and coffee, they let their customers personalize their drinks. Meaning, you can choose between black, green or white tea or there is also the herbal or fruit kind for people who don't take caffeine. :) You also have the option of choosing your style; hot? icy? Slushy? And finally, add-ons to your drink - flavors, fruit bombs or nata de coco. They great thing about their ingredients is that it's all natural. No to preservatives! :) 

It doesn't end with just Tea or coffee! They have delectable pastries that you can enjoy as well! Best paired with tea! The one I had was an Earl grey + mint + Lychee + Icy! :)

The brainchild of this amazing tea shop is CEO and tea master Renee Sebastian. :)

" We are thrilled about providing Filipinos with more access to world-class teas. We are also equally excited about working with award-winning European Architect Iris Cantante Duque Simoes, and creating our visual branding inspired from our mountain province. It was our way of continuing the celebration of our ethnicity and raising awareness for our local artisans." - Renee Sebastian

This is what I truly love the most about the brand. It not only serves good tea, but actually supports local endeavors and makes us see that Filipinos are world class in product. :)

Their SM City North EDSA also has loose tea leaf and tea bags and teapots and teacups for purchase that are perfect for tea lovers out there. You can make it at the comforts of your own home or maybe even at work!

Like I said, 'cutest interior' :) I love the rice terraces inspired seats and clouds above!:) Super dreamy!

Photo from Beb Ana :)

Photo from Paul :)

For your local all-natural iced teas, classic hot teas, fresh teas, milky teas, and freshly-brewed, made-to-order craft teas, local iced coffee, and juice fix, be sure to drop by the new flagship store of Sweetea's by DA.U.DE at SM City North EDSA! :)

To learn more visit www.lovedaude.com or https://www.facebook.com/sweeteasph ♥

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