10 Reasons Why Closeup Forever Summer is an Epic Experience!

by - March 14, 2016

They say that when you look back on your life, the only things that you regret are the things that you were not able to do. Looking back on the past years of Closeup Forever Summer, we can say that it had a good – no, make that a great – run, and one that attendees will always be glad to have been a part of.

Let’s take a look at some of their greatest hits:

1.The First Crowd-Sourced Festival in Manila. 
During the first CFS, people went online to vote for their preferred theme, 
venue, genre and even artists, giving festival-goers the festival of their dreaming.

2. The Universo Robot. 
In 2014, The Universo Robot pumped up and tripped out the 
crowd with his spectacle dance moves and overall good vibes.

3. The Captivating Light Show. 
After #CloseupForeverSummer hit a certain amount of tweets, 
Closeup treated party-ers to a buzz-inducing light show to lift their spirits and hype the audience.

4.  Alesso’s first headlining gig in the Philippines. Who else shed a tear when he played “If I Lose Myself”?

5.   Best of Both Musical Worlds. 
I2015, Closeup took Forever Summer a notch up. 
Instead of asking people to choose, they told them that they didn’t 
have to! CFS created a concert that had an indie theme in the day and transitioned into EDM at night.

6. The Art Village. 
During the Indie-themed CFS, festival-goers had access 
to a collection of art installations where they enjoyed taking photos 
and even watching some live art being created before their very eyes.

7.  Australian Duo Headliners of CFS 2015. 
Angus & Julia Stone took us for a ride (on a big jet plaaane!!!) 
with their sunset session of indie jams during last year’s Closeup Forever Summer.

8. DJ Prodigy Martin Garrix. 
Garrix had the crowd wilding out like “Animals” as the Indie-themed CFS shifted into 
a neon EDM party in the evening and the beat took over the night.

9. The Pryo-Musical Show. 
A breathtaking pryo-technic show lit up the sky to 
shower party-goers in the glow of their own revelry in the perfect way 
to end the memorable whole day of events.

10. Getting Intensely Close With Friends. 
The best part of any experience is its ability to create lasting 
memories with the people you care about the most.

Now, with Closeup Forever Summer finally coming to a close, you can expect for them to do it the only way they know how – with a bang. It’s #NowOrNever to seize the summer and make it one that will stay with you forever. This year, Closeup Forever Summer is bringing you the best of the best with the number 1 top rated DJ in the world. DJ duo Dimitri Martin & Like Mike, the creators of every anthem for international EDM festival Tomorrowland since 2010, will be gracing the stage this year to make sure that it will be the wildest CFS to date.

It’s #NowOrNever to grab your tickets at the cheapest rate. Early bird ends on March 15. So make the most of your summer, and live with no regrets.

Artsy Ava

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