Birthday Wish List at 27!

by - April 08, 2016

My birthday is coming up in just 13 days! I can't believe I'm turning 27 soon! >_< Not my favorite number, but I also can't believe that at 27, I'll be a mom to a soon-to-be 8 year old and extremely hyper 3 year old. Not to mention, married and graduating college. That's the shocker! Haha! I expected to finish college at age 23. But a lot of things happened and it mostly involved having kids a.k.a. life happened! I'm thankful though cos people have been very supportive and I don't think i'll get this far without them. Special shoutout to my Lola for always caring for the kids when I need to go out or study, My Mom who endlessly supports my education. It has been a long journey, but I'm finally nearing the end, Mom! This is for you. And lastly, my husband for always being there and helping me surpass the tough and pessimistic moments in my life. :) 

27 may be young or old for some, but for me, it's a good age. I've achieved things that I never thought I would. :) In general, life is good. Thank God for that. ^_^

Anyhoo, this is suppose to be a Birthday Wish List! I'm getting carried away and it's slowly turning into an actual Birthday post already! I need to save that for my birthday itself! Haha!
So, I basically do this every year and it has been a tradition of mine on this blog. :) Again, like in my past posts, I don't expect to get everything on my wish list. It's just something I find fun to do and nice to see how my wish list has change over the years. :)  That's it!
Let's begin!


Mango has been a long time favorite brand of mine, but since Zara came along, it came in second. But lately, they've been coming out with really pretty designs and I can't help but swoon at their window display! And when I get inside, these babies are on top of my list! Spotted these cute tribal looking bags today and I don't mind getting this in any color! ^_^ Also, this super cute winking bag! So chic! ^_^ Last, but not the least... UGH! Need I say more?? I want this pineapple case! >_<


I think Funko Pop has not left my wish list for awhile and that's because they're so adorable! And this is actually a collection of mine already. :) Currently wishing for CARL, WALL-E, MAD HATTER and an URSULA keychain one! :)


Cos who doesn't want this camera?? My Canon G12 is already turning 7 years old. It has been a great and loyal companion in my blogging career. I love it, but sometimes change is necessary and this camera has amazing features! :)


My top two wants! Nike airmax and this cute Zalora bag in blush color! ^_^


I've been wanting a pair of TEVA Original Universal for two years already and owning a pair would be so awesome! :) I'm a big sandals girl, so reviving my love for Teva! You can't go wrong with these stylish and sturdy babies!

Last and not the least, I actually had this on my wish list or rather, it was a dream of mine ever since I  gazed upon it. Growing up, my grandfather was a huge newspaper guy. He had a Manila Bulletin subscription for as long as I could remember. I think even before I was born and as a kid, I would take my turn when he was done reading everything and fondly flip the pages as if I was the boss. When I got to high school till college, I would dive head first to Style Weekend every Friday. It's what I looked forward to during our newspaper delivery. Now, another dream feature came true for me and what a great way to start my birthday month!

My Style Weekend feature came out today and I'm so ecstatic! :) Dreams really come true if you wait patiently and never stop believing. You can check my FEATURES tab to check my other stories. Thank you so much again to Style Weekend and Maris Mortel-Hiruntrakul for letting my grace the pages of your Woman@Work! :)

Aside from all this, I also wish for a good career, good healthy and happy life with my family!

Hope you all are having a good week so far! The weekend is here!!!
Artsy Ava

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