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by - April 21, 2016

Good values comes from teaching your kids at a very young age. No matter how young they seem to be, they actually understand you. Even if your child is 1, 2 or 3 years old, we should constantly teach them to be good citizens and take care of our surroundings. So, even if Asher is just 3 years old, I want him to start early. :)

Thankfully, there is a brand like H&M who is conscious about these things and helps our kids understand more. :)

Last Friday, H&M invited Asher over to KidZania for a fun afternoon at their Upcycling workshop. :) It's actually our first time at KidZania, so it was like going to a surprise! We didn't know what to expect! But I did know that we were going to have so much fun! ^_^

The H&M Conscious event and workshop is all about learning H&M's garment collection. This program is all about bringing you fashion choices that are good for people, the planet and your wallet. 

The H&M Close The Loop workshop will be at KidZania Manila for 2 and a half months. When you bring your kids here, they not only get to enjoy the place, but also learn about Upcycling and get to create a bracelet out of fabric scraps. When the bracelet is complete, the kids get to earn 10 Kidzos that you can use at KidZania! ^_^

Basically, you bring an old t-shirt at the workshop and follow the steps...

The first step was for Asher to put his old shirt into the H&M Conscious Machine and Step 2 the shirt goes into a recycling process to turn it into fabric strips. Then, the last step, he can now upcycle the old fabrics into a bracelet! :)

I love how they simplified the steps so that even the little kids could understand it easily. :) 

I was so proud of Asher when we were doing his bracelet. I assisted him, of course, but he just sat down throughout the workshop and was even so enthusiastic about collecting beads for his bracelet. ^_^ So proud of my bean!

Next, we headed over to the "design your own pot" area where Asher could decorate his own pot by doodling on it and put a plant in it for an eco-friendly planet. :) Another activity that Asher surely enjoyed!

I really salute H&M for their efforts in creating a better environment for the future generation. I hope we have more brands like them that is concerned about what's happening around us and not just about making profit. :) Thank you, H&M for letting my son experience this wonderful endeavor of yours!

After the workshops, Asher and I went around KidZania and even if he was still too small for some of the activities, I still toured him around and we spotted this! A little garden, where kids can learn how to grow things. :) Perfect for the H&M Conscious event! Also, on a normal day this makes me feel like the kids can have more knowledge about loving trees or plants. :)

Asher and I really had fun and so happy to be part of this event! :) Our kids really are the future and if they know how to love our earth, it will be left in good hands and will prosper!

To know more about H&M Conscious, visit https://www.facebook.com/hm/ :)

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