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by - April 24, 2016

If you're a mom of a boy or boys, I'm pretty sure you have tons of car toys in your home. Especially the brand from Mattel, Hot Wheels. You would at least two or dozens even! As for my kids, they have more! They just love match box type of cars so much that they can't help but get one whenever we're in toy stores. I myself have been hooked on cute designs of Hot Wheels, that we even discuss which kind to get or which looks cooler before paying at the cashier. Funny fact, despite having more than two dozen of toy cars, I still know which one they have or do not have by heart. :)

Last April 9, the boys and I headed to SM Megamall for the Hot Wheels Make it Epic race event! 

Make it Epic is basically a call-to-action to all boys to show what they can do with Hot Wheels through customization and competition, through imagination and hacks, through cool cars and a daring attitude. This encourages and enables boys to experience a sense of achievement. It's a challenge to boys to make Hot Wheels play bigger, faster, higher, cooler, louder, anywhere, any way. It is the promise of exhilaration. It's more than just a tagline, it's a challenge.

Athan was the first one to collect Hot Wheels and now Asher is continuing the collection. :) So, upon getting to the venue, I could already feel their excitement!

Every little boys dream!

This little bub can't help himself and already placed one of his Hot Wheels cars on the set up tracks!

The Make It Epic Race that happened at Megamall is one of the qualifying rounds will make or break the record of the kids who will be pushing through the Semi-finals at SM Mall of Asia on May 14. :) By now, the last qualifying round at SM City San Lazaro is already finished and can't wait to find out who are the boys who got in!

I wasn't able to register Athan for this, so I just let me enjoy the track installations at the venue. :)

What a joy it is to watch them have so much fun! What I love about Hot Wheels is they make kids burst into imagination, like having a real car and the role plays they do on the tracks as if it's fast and the furious! Haha! :) 

Imagine your room filled up with these tracks??? Wow! 

Can't wait for the semi-finals and finals this coming May 14-15 at SM Mall of Asia! :) I'm definitely bringing my boys! The fun never stops!

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