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by - April 25, 2016

Growing up I have always been into bags that are fun and quirky. Especially if it was printed! There is just something about prints that really gets me! :) I love it and till now I'm still into bags that are colorful. So, it's no wonder I have bags like Kipling that embodies all the fun and playful designs that anyone would love. :)

Last week, bag lovers find a new home as the House of Kipling opens at SM Megamall. :)

A haven, a hang-out, a home - the new Kipling concept store, is all these and more! It's called The House of Kipling, where shoppers can dwell in the fashion and spirit that has made Kipling bags a well-loved global brand. The new concept store applies a domestic approach that elevates the customers' retail experience. It's all about the details that excite and charm our very own Imaginista, a group of women who love Kipling!

And it's no surprise why women of all ages flock in the new store of Kipling trying to grab all the cute bags that they can in each arm, because it's simply irresistible! It's everything you would love in a bag - functional, cute and sturdy!

Some even have a difficult decision on which bag to choose! ^_^ Just like Beb Ana and I! We even had to consult with Martha and Mikki! >_< We mean business! It's hard choosing the perfect bag, because it's your best friend during malling, adventures, everyday life, events or even traveling! So, when we saw something we liked in the store, we definitely grabbed that bag! Baka ma wala pa! Haha! ^_^

A little fun fact, did you know that Kipling monkeys are named after Kipling employees?? Cute, right??  So if you have these cute furry monkeys on your bag, you might want to check out if you got an Anna, Manuel, Davina, Matt, etc. :) I really find these adorable, but I have the latest one that carries the acrylic version, so to the ones with acrylic versions, sorry guys! We don't have names! Huhuhu! >_< 

Inside the House of Kipling, guests are greeted with warm, homey interiors made from an eclectic mix of natural and clean textures, surrounded by the signature tile wall with the iconic monkey print. The color palette plays along the shades of taupe and grey, plus an occasional pop of orange and pink. Flemish inspired wall tiles and "Kipling Monkey (not in photo)" table legs bring to life the playful spirit and European heritage of the brand.

In ode to the opening, I wore something fun and towed with me my oldie, but goody Kipling bag! :) Had this bag for more than 5 years and it's still one of my go-to bags!

Nestled on sleek ceramic and wooden frames, drawers and gondolas are the store's main attraction - the hottest collection of handbags, totes, carry-alls, backpacks and luggage in various shapes, sizes and prints. 

Fellow bloggers, like Ashley Dy, Anagon, Vina, Crissey Sy and Kat Valdez also have their favorites and top picks on hand! :)

As for me, I wanted this....

And also the other two I'm holding on the photo above! Haha! Ang hirap, guys! Which bag do you think I brought home with me? Any guesses? :)

Aside from their new store, they also launched their Kipling Kaeon!

The Kaeon collection introduces a new fabric that isn't just lighter and softer than other bag materials used by Kipling like the most common crinkled nylon, which the brand has been known for. Eco-friendly fabric "Aires" is a lightweight material that is 100% water repellant and made with 37% recycled fibers and 90% less water during the important dyeing process. These new bags aren't just fashion accessories, but they are a step in the right direction when it comes to saving the planet.

You also have to agree that the designs are super cute!!

Pax, Chin and Ana happy with their Kipling bags! ^_^

Come visit the monkey at its 7th shop carrying the global look at the 3rd level of Mega Atrium, SM Megamall. :)

For more information, visit :)

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