MYOH 2016: Shibori-inspired!

by - April 23, 2016

The year I started making my own Havaianas was back in 2013 and I can't believe it's already been 3 years! I haven't missed any MYOH since then! It has been a much awaited event for me every single year and I look forward to the different themes they have for it. :)

This year, it's Shibori a.k.a. Japanese inspired! 

Finally got to see cherry blossoms! ^_^

Well, it will always be a dream of mine to see cherry blossoms and I think it will still stay a future plan. But at least for now, Havaianas made me feel like I was in Japan with the Japanese themed ambiance!

When people think of Havaianas, the first country that comes to mind is Brazil, where the world's favorite flip-flop brand was born. Digging a little deeper in its history, Havaianas actually originated 54 years ago with great Eastern Zen influence. Its creation was inspired by the Japanese Zori, the traditional sandals that are made of fabric straps and rich straw soles. Marks of its Asian heritage are still evident on the rice pattern that's embedded on every sole until today.

Now on its 11th year, the biggest and most anticipated customization event in the country, will be all about the ancient art of Shibori, a Japanese fabric-dyeing technique that makes use of indigo shades to create beautiful patterns on clothes for kimonos and obi sashes.

This year, the media launch was held on April 21 - My birthday! Of course, I couldn't miss this, so I definitely spent a bit of my day there!  Also, instead of Glorietta, they have it now at SM Megamall Mega Fashion Hall. :)

As always, the MYOH event makes me excited for the pins and what color of soles and straps i'll be getting. :) I've been picking the slim type for 3 consecutive years, because I find that it looks better on my feet and believe it or not, I've never gotten a commemorative pair! Since I'm into mixing my own colors, I love choosing the soles and straps! >_< Hehe!

First step! Line up and get your pair made!

And Havaianas makes it difficult to choose which color of soles and straps to get, because look!! All so pretty!!

Spotted: The MYOH 2016 Commemorative pair! :)

Good thing they have the color wheel that makes it a tad easier to choose which combination would fit best. :) I had a pastel pair last year, so I decided to go for a purple sole and lake green metallic straps! ^_^

I was surprised to see that there was a surprise pin at the assembling counter! A sushi!! I knew there had to be one! I was actually sad when I saw that they didn't have a sushi one on the paper. It's one of Japan's most iconic food. So it was strange for me. But Hello!! Surprise!! Chef's special! Cutie!!

My pair getting assembled! Thank you to Trina for being so patient with me! :)

And beside me is Pauly also getting his pair done! He got the commemorative one with I think silver straps! :)

And the rest of the awesome blogger friends: Pax, Alyssa, Seph and Trice + cool Havaianas assemblers! 

The Make Your Own Havaianas 2016 is from April 21-24. Tomorrow is the last day! If you think Megamall is far, don't fret! Because the MYOH will be open to selected All Flip-Flops branches nationwide! Check out the following in Metro Manila : Corte de las Palmas in Alabang Town Center, G/F North Wing in SM Mall of Asia, All Flip-Flops Bonifacio High Street, All Flip-Flops TriNoma, and All Flip-Flops Robinsons Ermita! :)

If you don't know what design to go for yet, here are some inspirations from my blog friends and I!

Beb Ana got a commemorative pair and she picked light blue straps to symbolize clear blue skies and sakura pins! :) Love this!!

Pax picked out lake green soles and gold metallic straps with ramen and beer pins! Very Pax! Love the color combination and I heard her and Ana are going to Japan this year, so this is perfect!

As for me...

I basically went for sakura and food! I'm a foodie and Japanese is one of my favorite cuisines, so sushi on one strap and ramen on the other! ^_^

Another fun part of the media launch was getting served sake and sushi! Yum! :) 

They also offered this cute stamping activity and we got to personalize the tote of our flip-flops!

My experience with MYOH throughout the years has always been fun and I make sure I never miss it! If you haven't tried it yet, I recommend that you do! :)

What's your kawaii style? Find out now by registering online via to try out the different possibilities in customizing your flip-flops! For more details, check out :) You can also use the hashtag #MYOH2016 to share your experience! :)

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