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For as long as I can remember, my favorite thing to do a month before school opens again was to go school supply is shopping. It is the thing I look forward to the most! My mom and I would do this a lot when I spend my summer vacations with her. It was a tradition of ours till my high school years, because she knows I'm such a stationery hoarded I can't even begin to explain what adrenaline rush school supply shopping is for me! ^_^

But now that I'm in college, I do my own school supply shopping and happy to say that I also do it for my eldest son Athan! :) He's going to be Grade 2 this coming June 7 and that's just less than two weeks away, so it is time to for us to shop, shop, shop!

To my fellow Moms and students! If you still haven't started or completed your school supplies yet, I suggest you head on to SM Stationery. :) It's conveniently located at every SM Department Stores and you can do your beauty, clothes and accessories shopping as well without having to go out of the department store. One push cart and you wouldn't have to step out. Everything you need is inside. :)

*WARNING: Photo heavy! >_< That's how much I love stationery stores!*

I recently visited the SM Stationery area of SM Megamall and spotted a lot of cool, cute and affordable school supplies perfect for me and Athan! 

Starting with Athan - if you have a grade schooler like me or high schooler, these items might be of interest to you...

The first thing that caught my attention while I was looking around was this! Cute designed backpacks that already have assorted school supplies inside, like notebooks, scissors, crayons, etc. and it's only for Php 299! Everything you need in one bag! Aside from that, if you spend a minimum single-receipt of Php 1,200 from SM Stationery, you even get a FREE lunch kit! ^_^ Super cool!

Next up notebooks! A must-have every school year!

You can get pack of notebooks for as low as Php 54! They have Php 100 and you already get 8 notebooks for that! The prices are crazy affordable. You should hoard if your kids are into taking a lot of notes! :) I also like the cute cartoon designs. It will surely encourage the kids to shop for school materials!

Aside from notebooks, the kids are also in need of pad papers!

One whole, lengthwise, crosswise, 1/4 or 1/2, you have it all in a set! No need to rip a one whole pad anymore when you're in class, because for only Php 52.75, you get all these! :) Glad they have these now. I remember buying separately when I was younger. >_<

One thing that never gets old are these throwback pencil case. I know this is still around and new, but this kind of pencil case dates way back in the 90s and if you had one back then, you were cool! =P But now, I was surprised to find an upgrade! Wow! It has a calculator now! 

There are also the soft or cloth type of pencil case, if you're more into that. :) High school and college students can go for these! They're only Php 69.75 each! 

Other school essentials that SM Stationery carries at their store. :)

They have the cutest erasers at SM Stationery!!! ^_^ I use ballpoint pens in school, but this I might just want to collect and stare at! Super adorable! I want at least 5 packs of these! Price range is Php 49.75 to Php 69.75! I For the girls, I bet your classmates would non-stop ogle if these were your erasers. :)

Most grade school students use these plastic envelopes and for Athan's school, they require them to have a certain color per section and I'm so happy to see that SM Stationery has a wide collection of them. :)

Everyone needs glue and they have the best kind - Elmer's! :)

These are luggage tags, but I think would also look super cute hanging on school backpacks, right? :) Plus, no one would mistake your bag as theirs! 

I also spotted cute notebooks and other school stuff that some of you High school and college students might like!

Stradmore notes has been my favorite since high school and early college I've been using these. It's super helpful cos it has around 5 slim notebooks inside (wirepin notebook), but you're just carrying one notebook. Perfect when you have a lot of subjects! :) And for the millennials, you'll love these emoji designs! SRP is Php 154.75. :)

If you often forget your ID or misplace it from time to time, you can grab one of these matte finish ID holders. I personally love that they're in a pastel tone. My kind of color palette!

And they're only Php 49.75 each with so many colors to choose from! :)

School or even the office requires a lot of folders. Some of my professors require folders when submitting projects. Again, SM carries a wide variety of folders and colors to choose from.

The clear books are being offered for only Php 100 for 3 pieces!

I don't know how I would have survived school without highlighters!

I love Stabilo Point 88 pens! They're my favorite when writing on my planner or notebooks. I love colorful letters and notes, so I would always buy two or three a month when I first entered college. :)

Back-to-school isn't just for the students, but also for the teachers!

When I first started teaching last school year, writing on the board was needed, but I'm not really a black person. So, I'm glad that they came up with different colors of white board markers! I got a purple one and SM Stationery has a total of 6 colors. :)

Cute pens are not unusual at SM Stationery and choosing the right pen is important! It's your partner in every test or inspires you to write more. ;)

Every 90s kid would remember this too...

The labelmaker! I wanted this so badly when I was younger, because I wanted to label all my school materials with my name! I finally purchased one last year. I got the M1880 (pink), but I'm planning to also get the 1880 (yellow) soon, because it has more choices for fonts and has symbols.  :)

Other interesting things that SM Stationery offers are the following...

Eco-friendly tote bags :) Php 149.75 

Totes and organizers :) perfect for travelers!

If you want a much cuter notebook, then you can go for this calligraphy-style one that has inspiring words on it and has cool features - ruled pages, colored divider and envelope and this is only for Php 149.75 for a 5 subject notebook. :)

I'm often in need of cartolina and now I know where to find more colors. :)

Spotted some kids and their mom shopping for school supplies. :)

After going around the SM Stationery area, I decided to come up with my top picks. :) Below are my top picks as a college student...

A cute tote bag | Pantone inspired notebooks | Floral planner | Pastel Blue ID holder | Cute pens | Colorful Pencil case | monogram notepad | kawaii erasers 

And my top picks for Athan as an incoming Grade 2 student. :)

Grade 2 pad paper | Disney Pixar Cars + Transformers notebook | No.2 Mongol Pencils | Crayola | Maped Sharpener | Disney Pixar Cars Pencil case | Soccer-themed erasers 

I'm really impressed with the selection of school and office materials that SM has. They offer a wide range of: Writing instruments, School and office supplies, Art supplies, Paper products, Filing and storage, Business machines, Digital storage, Cartridges and Ink, Books and Magazines, Albums plaques and frames and Gift wrapping and accessories. 

SM Stationery carries the best brands in the market, offering high-quality products at affordable prices. Shopping for supplies here is convenient, easy and the ambiance has a world-class feel. :) 

No doubt that Athan and I will always be ready for school and have the cutest school supplies!

For more information and updates, visit SM Stationery:

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  1. OMG! It's that time of the year na pala... School supplies shopping! I miss those days when my mom would take me and my sisters to shop for school supplies. Pagandahan ng choices sa notebooks! :P



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