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by - May 24, 2016

When shopping for things, we all want the best among everything and who doesn't, right? You want  something that is worthy of your money. :) At times, the search can be endless and tiring. But now, there's a store that understands our needs better!:)

Digital Walker, the metro's go-to gadget store for the coolest tech accessories understands that when it comes to accessories for precious gadgets, customers want nothing but the best. But not everyone has the time or patience to go through catalogues of items. This is the reason Digital Walker has recently come up with a new concept store that offers nothing but the best performing gadgets in market - HIVE MIND.

Hive Mind is a forward-thinking concept store designed with the most discerning techies in mind. The concept involves creating a tech hub that houses nothing but the best performing premium accessories today, to make it easier for anyone to find the right one for the job. The selection is based on the demands of Digital Walker's customers. From each category, the 10 most sought-after accessories as well as the top 10 brands make it to the store.

"To this day, peer recommendation is still among the best ways to know exactly how a product performs. We are lobbying on purchase history to narrow down the selection to only the best. It's like listening to thousands of tech enthusiasts and taking their choices to make it easier for others to find the right gadget. In the social setting, a hive mind refers to an entity composed of a large number of individuals who share their knowledge and opinions with each other to come up with a collective intelligence. It is purposeful and is meant to serve the general public. The same can be said about our store." - Charles Paw CEO of Digits Trading Inc.

I personally only use gadget accessories that I got from Digital Walker or Beyond the Box. I have a car charger, lightning charger, portable speaker, phone case, earphones and power bank from them and never had a problem. They've been a reliable store for me and so glad they have this now. A perfect store for people who aren't that techie and want the best products - this store is for you!

With Paul, Krissy, Ashley and Kuya Karl! My fellow Digital Walker-loving friends! ^_^ We're ecstatic with the opening of Hive Mind. ;)

Since my recent Apple charge retired on me, I decided to get two new ones from Hive Mind. They carry brands, like UrbanEars and Native Union.  I already have a grey version of the UrbanEars lightening cable charge for more than 6 months now and it's still working perfectly well. As for the Native Union, I heard from my good friend Paul Chuapoco that it's also a good brand! :)

The first Hive Mind is located on TriNoma Mall's third level. Featuring colors and a layout that is reflective of the guiding principle behind the brand, it's design allows its staff to quickly replace accessories based on new data provided by Digital Walker. :)

So you can expect changes from time to time at store depending on the best-sellers at Digital Walker!

For updates, visit :)

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