Enough Said with MiPac!

by - May 30, 2016

Since I'm not really the type of girl who wears so much accessories, I always make sure that I have really cute bags. I let it somehow speak for my outfit. Having a cute, fun and functional bag is important to me and thankfully ever since Bratpack opened their stores, it has not been difficult to find those kinds of bags! :)

Creativity is when you bring something new to life. Something you had just imagined but is now translated into something tangible. It is a way of living where you constantly pursue uniqueness and originality. Being creative expands our horizons and cultivates our overall being.

With my fellow creative blogger Ashley Dy! :)

Born in the summer of 2012, Mi-Pac is an up-and-coming British label with proud roots. What only started as a humble range of backpacks has grown to evolve to more than 300 design variations that are available in over 20 countries across 4 continents. This only shows that creativity is at the heart of everything Mi-Pac embodies. The brand makes sure that their core ethos of value for money, fashion forward design and quality construction are translated with each and every piece they create. Mi-Pac holds great value to individuality and freedom of expression. Each accessory produced is designed to embody one's personal style, through a wide spectrum of colors, patterns and fabrics.

The launch of Mi-Pac was held at the Bratpack, UP Town Katipunan and when we got there, we got to pick three cute patches for our bag - I picked the Unicorn, thunderbolt and a G scrabble for GERSH (my husband's name) and Kuya sewed it on for us. :) Love it!

Do you still remember when you were a teen? How picky you were with the clothes you wear, the shoes you put on, or the bags you use? It only makes sense because this is the phase in our lives when we try to figure out our personality. We try  a lot of hobbies, subscribe to a fashion trend, and listen to peculiar music. This is one of the times when our self-exploration peaks. We experiment, a lot! But this is also the time when we really start expressing our individual selves in the most creative way we can. I remember how I would always love to put quirky keychains on my bag to give it more personality! ^_^ Now, good thing is, Mi-Pac can billet to whatever your style might be while you're still trying to figure out what your personal brand is. 

Cute couple Arnie and Deo showing their personality through their bags! :) Love that their in matchy outfits too!

We all enjoyed a day of everything artsy and fun! 

Mi-Pac is all about creativity and innovation. By combining fashion and function, the brand is redefining the way we purchase the classic backpack. Mi-Pac makes sure to craft new, exciting and on-trend designs each season that we all should watch out for.

I super covet this bag! ^_^ Love the color combination and lemons!!! 

Mi-Pac doesn't allow provide cute bags, but functional. I'm already in love with mine! ^_^ Do check out my Instagramhttps://www.instagram.com/artsyava/ to see the final look of my personalized bag!

To know more about Mi-Pac, visit www.facebook.com/mipacphilippines or check out the following social media handle and hashtags: @mipacphilippines, #EnoughSaidwithMiPac #MiPacph

Mi-Pac is available at select Bratpack and Lady Bag stores. :)

Artsy Ava

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  1. Your simplicity and kindness makes me like you more ate Ava! Thank you very much ❤


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