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by - May 16, 2016

The first time I encountered PayMaya was the same time that the BEEP card for the MRT/LRT came out. I was waiting in line and they were advertising and offering the perks of it to people at the LRT. I was hesitant to try it because I already had a beep card and I also have a virtual credit card. So, having PayMaya wasn't necessary for me during that time.

BTW, for you guys who aren't familiar about how Payday works or what PayMaya is, it is basically a free app that lets you shop online without a credit card a.k.a. a virtual card. :) An e-wallet connected to your mobile device. This is perfect for people who love online shopping and the beauty of this is that it also comes with a physical card that you can link with the virtual card on your PayMaya app and you can easily reload it via 7-11 Cliqq Kiosk, Ministop TouchPay Kiosk, Smart Padala Center, SM Business Center and Robinson's Mall. It's super convenient to bring along and you wouldn't have to worry about overspending like an ordinary credit card, because you control the funds you put in it. :)

When I got sent over a card two months ago, I couldn't say no and it wouldn't hurt for me to try it out. So, currently it is what I'm using during my train trips and I like the fact that it has my name on it, because I instantly know it's MY card. ^_^

Another way I was able to use it was at The Spectrum Fair last Sunday. :) All merchants at the bazaar was accepting Visa payments via PayMaya and this was my first time to use it for shopping.

PayMaya was being offered to bazaar goers for only Php 100, but if you already have a card, like me, I got to go in the bazaar for free, No entrance fee. :)

The Spectrum Fair is the first Indoor-Outdoor type of bazaar and it was held at Whitespace Manila. 

The place was packed with food stalls, cool shops and great live acts. :)

There were so many awesome stuff at The Spectrum Fair and with my PayMaya card in hand, it was an easy breezy shopping experience!

I first dropped by the Cool Girls Club shop...

I got some super cute patches and this was the first shop I bought from and the first time I saw how my PayMaya card was going to be used for shopping. :)

We went to the PayMaya area and a girl in charge of the PayMaya Visa transactions was holding her phone with a swiper on top of it...

Photo for reference only :) Cos I was able to take a photo during the bazaar >_<

She swipes my card on the swiper, then types the amount and I sign the phone as well. Just like a normal credit card! Only, my receipt is sent to my email and PayMaya app instead of printing it. :)

And the same cycle goes with the rest of my purchase at the bazaar. I also bought from the Twill Cavern and Wild Flower. 

How can I resist these cute booths??? ^_^

All throughout, my shopping experience was really fun and quick! I never expected PayMaya to be this convenient and hassle free! I didn't even need to have cash with me to survive, because even the food stalls accepted PayMaya Visa! My, my, my! Can there be more bazaars like this??

To test it some more, when I got home I tried purchasing via eBay to see if it was going to work...

Since I've tried the physical card, I wanted to try out the virtual card on my PayMaya app and it worked! It was so fast and my phone alerted me with a text that my transaction went through. :) Oh yah! I forgot to mention that aside from the app, you also get an SMS whenever you make a transaction. :) 

You can also use PayMaya to withdraw and send money!
All in all, I am very pleased with PayMaya and I can't believe I only tried it now! Goes to show that I'm not easily swayed by products until I've tested them and for this review, I give PayMaya   hearts! It has so many uses that I consider it an essential in my wallet. :) 

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  1. Hi Ava! I missed your posts. :) PayMaya is new to me. I just heard it from you or maybe because it's not known here yet in Cebu. There's a lot of advantage and super nice kasi pwede ireload sa mga convenient stores. Plus, I like the fact na your name is printed on it! Matry nga nito. :)

  2. Hello Ms. Ava! I just want ask when did you get your card? I already have mine since October 2015 but it doesn't have my name on it.. I also wanted the same card with my name.. hehe..

    Thank You!

    1. Hi Adrianthor! :) I got it a couple of months ago. :) the brand just sent it to me. But maybe you can ask their site directly on how you can get the one with your name :)

  3. Hi miss Ava how can you use PayMaya as mastercard?

  4. Hi! I believe your virtual card and physical card have the same balance, so you just have to link the two and you'll be able to use it already as a master card. :) If you need more assistance, you can also check their FAQs page! https://paymaya.com/faq/Smart-Mastercard/ :) Hope this helps!

  5. Hi Ava, I'd just like to know the benefits of using PayMaya instead of cash, for non-online transactions, like buying from a department store? It is useful for online transactions because you can't use cash for that, or its more convenient to use PayMaya. Also, if you use it abroad, is the exchange rate the same used by banks? thanks,

    1. Hi orlando! Well, the prime benefit is that it's a prepaid card. You load a specific budget on it and don't overspend unlike credit cards. :) But for the abroad part, I'm not entirely sure. I think you have to inquire to PayMaya. :)

  6. Hi Ava. I'd like to know what the benefit is in using PayMaya instead of cash for non-online payments, like buying from a department store? Also, if you use PayMaya abroad, is the exchange rate the same as the banks? thanks,


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