Kojie San: The country's No.1 Acid Soap

by - May 16, 2016

When our skin is at its youthful and healthiest, you got to admit that people just can't help but stop and notice it. Along with this, confidence just instantly boosts up and for me, I'd like nothing more than to share this kind of empowerment to other women. :)

Kojie San Lightening Soap first entered the market in 2007 as a flagship product from Beauty Elements Ventures, Inc. (BEVI). Kojic Acid formulation turned out to be the key ingredient in convincing whitening fans to become true believers. Today, Kojie San is the #1 Kojic soap in the country.

The Kojie San Classic line has the Body Lightening Lotion which can evenly lighten your skin and has natural ingredients like Kojic Acid and Rose Hip Oil. You can use this after every bath time and massage carefully on your skin. This has Collagen + Vitamin E that increases youthfulness and skin health. 

So, if you think the sun is drying your skin too much or you just want to have healthy skin, the Body Lightening Lotion will surely do the trick! SRP is Php 262. :)

For your face, you can use the Face Lightening Cream to restore skin suppleness for a healthy, rosy look. Now, not only love can make you glow. ;) You can use this in the morning and before you go to bed regularly. SRP is Php 120. :)

The Kojie San Lightening Soap is the most popular among the classic line and it's no doubt! It effectively diminishes dark spots, freckles, acne, plus stretch marks and unevenness. I wish I knew this back when I was pregnant! It would have greatly helped my stretch marks before it got worst. But it's not too late! I'm still gonna make it work! I also love the citrus smell of it too!

The Lightening Soap contains high-grade Kojic Acid that prevents melanin production for lighter, clearer skin.  It's not only effective, but affordable too! SRP is Php 68. :)

Last, but not the least is the Cleanser + Toner that is equipped with Ginseng Extract and Rosehip oil to revive tired skin and rids skin of excessive oil while repairing damage. 

For people who are always exposed to pollution and too much makeup, this can help moisturize your skin. For best results you can follow it up with the Kojie San Lightening Face Cream. 

SRP is Php 75. :)

Kojie San gives you whiter skin that will get you noticed giving you more confidence to do the things you want! Like not being scared to show your skin during beach trips! 

And other random adventures in life!

Do the things you want with more confidence without fears of losing you. Show that you can do the things you love! When you feel bad about something, like your skin, it isn't easy to deal with day to day life. But Kojie San is here to help to make you confidently beautiful inside and out!

Getting a face so fair, a back worth baring and legs so alluring can be achieved with continuous use of Kojie San Lightening range - Soap, Lotion, Cleanser + Toner and Face Cream. :)

For more information about Kojie San and their classic line products, visit them...

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